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Pastor Melta Mudau to launch album

Entertainment - Date: 27 May 2019

Written by: Mbulaheni Ridovhona / Viewed: 1802


The songwriter and vocalist Lady Pastor Melta Mudau is back with her second gospel album, Don't miss heaven.

She said it was an ever-heard, flamboyant kind of an album, with masterpieces granting the listener an opportunity to experience what goes on in her creative juices. "This is a journey into sophisticated sound and vintage African rhythms, jazz fusion and blues. It is the stuff from which the music becomes aggressive, satisfying the gospel ears, yet offering a soft landing to the discerning gospel music genre devotee who expects nothing but the best," she said.

The album is comprised of 10 sweet songs, which are: U Songo Tusa Tshilidzi Tshau Kha Nne, It Can Be Done, Don't Miss Heaven, Ndi Sendela Tsini Hau, Hagai O Hagala, Vhuthu Hau Ndi Ha Lini Na Lini, U Dzula O Fhatuwa, O Tenda U Vha Gupulelo, Baba, You Are Too Much, and We Celebrate.

She said that the album was all about reminding people about Christ the saviour “and our sweet home that is in heaven. We must not miss after all He has done for us. It will be the greatest mistake if you miss heaven, because if you miss heaven, you won't miss hell fire, so please don't miss heaven."

According to her, being a gospel artist is all about preaching the Word of God through singing, because music is the fastest way of conveying the message to people.

The album will be launched on the first of June at The Light of God Missionary Church in Sibasa Block Q Mbilwi.

The supporting artists during the launch are: Da-Real Palesa, Newie, Tiyani Lens Maluleka, Takie Sikhwivhilu, Voice Tsilatsila, Hanie Mutele, Ndivhaleni Musetha, Dr Mshengu, Mukondi Malabi, Hulie M Mbambale, Funanani Mabogo and TLOG Worshipers.

The doors will open at 16:00. Tickets will be available at the gate and their prices are as follows: General R100, Kids R50, VIP R150, and VVIP R 300.

For more information regarding the launch, ticket sales and bookings contact 072 498 4733 or 079 220 7501.

Pastor Melta Mudau. Photo supplied. 



Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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