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Just Ice back with a bang

Entertainment - Date: 23 June 2019

Written by: Elmon Tshikhudo / Viewed: 1371


Five years ago, popular reggae musician Just Ice vanished from the music scene and has not released a full album since then.

This has not brought peace to him as his fans have been pressurizing him to come up with the music they so love.

The well-known musician has succumbed to pressure and released a very powerful album Dzingwane, Matombo na Misalesale.

Looking at the reception since its release last month, the new album is set to make ripples in the music arena. According to Just Ice, all the tracks on the album are very popular and he cannot single out any of the tracks as being the best.

About the delay, he said, producing good-quality music had become very costly, while piracy was taking its toll on the other hand. "We are in a very awkward position as artists. Our fans are always waiting for something new, not knowing what we are going through. We spend a lot of money trying to give them the best, but we are not getting any income in return.”

He further indicated that his latest release was a way of sending messages to the community and that his long absence from the industry had also been a blessing in disguise, as it allowed him to prepare and come up with a good album. He added that all the tracks were full of messages that could help people in life.

He said the song Hu Tshinyalelwa Nne was a warning to people to be wary of bad friends and to concentrate on things that could improve their lives.

He thanked all who contributed to the success of the album.

His music is available online on iTunes, Amazon music, Google play and Spotify.


The cover of musician Just Ice's latest offering.



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