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Sedzi Bi is a top entertainer

Entertainment - Date: 24 June 2019

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When he is walking down the street, you might think he is just an ordinary young man because he does not have a distinctive posture. The moment he sits behind the microphone, you will fully enjoy the thrilling entertainment of radio.

This is the story of Sedzani Raphulu (22), who is fast making a name for himself in the radio industry. Widely known as “Sedzi Bi” by his adoring fans, Raphulu presents the National Top 20 programme on Musina FM every Friday between 20:00 and midnight. He also presents the morning drive show between 06:00 and 09:00.

Raphulu, who drew his inspiration from various veteran presenters, fell in love with radio at a very young age. “I always came out tops during the debate competitions at school. My fellow students and teachers kept on telling me that I was a very good speaker who could use his speaking ability to make a living.  After completing my Grade 12, I studied radio production, content management and photojournalism in order to fulfil my dream of becoming a media practitioner.”

The young man with the golden voice started his career at Nzhelele FM and moved to Musina FM in December last year. “Musina FM is my new home and I enjoy the warmth of my listeners. I always make sure that the listeners are part of my shows because I give them an opportunity to interact with me. This could either be through social media or studio telephone calls. This makes them so special because they feel that their support is appreciated, and their contributions are considered for the improvement of the show.”

Raphulu, who also has an interest in farming, says when he is not at the studio, he participates in various community building initiatives. “I am a founder of a community-based organization called Youth Future and Education Investment that assists learners to reach their educational goals. We guide them on studying tactics and we also assist them to apply for admission to institutions of higher learning.”

He encourages other aspirant presenters to seek education first before they fully venture into the broadcasting industry.


Sedzi Bi.




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