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Hulisani's book highlights the issue of blessers

Entertainment - Date: 03 August 2019

Written by: Mbulaheni Ridovhona / Viewed: 1377


A local author, Hulisani Netshifhefhe, has just released her drama, Zwe nde ndi ite, which has been years in the making.

The 27-year-old Hulisani from Tshifulanani said that publishing the book was a dream come true. "It has been a long process. It took roughly 10 years to get my book published. It was a road full of obstacles. Looking at the situation at that time, it was not so good financially," Hulisani said.

She thanked God for giving her the strength to be patient when things were not looking good. "During those 10 years, I gave my project to God and believed that, in his perfect time He would make it happen. Isaiah 60:22 teaches us that at the right time, the Lord will make it happen. I have learnt that some things take time to manifest for your own good, so that you can spend your time mediating to be close to the God," she said. 

She said that the book aimed to teach young people about the dangers of associating themselves with blessers. "Young people these days associate themselves with blessers and forget about their future. They use their family’s situations as a scapegoat for their behaviour," she said. "The storyline revolves around a protagonist, Tshianeo. She is a rebel child - stubborn and likes to backchat when someone is advising her. She lives her life like there is no tomorrow. She associates herself with blessers," she said.

She said that she wrote the book in Tshivenda in order to reach mass readers, mainly the youth. "As a person who grew up in Venda, writing in my home language was another way of expressing myself. I want this book to reach more youths, so that they can see the dangers of being associated with blessers. I also want it to be read in schools," she said.

Her message to the young people is to be patient. "Patience is a virtue. You must never give up in life. It took me 10 years and it was not easy, but with God, passion, faith and consistency, I managed to realise my dream. You should do the same. No matter how long it takes, in the end you'll achieve your dreams," she said.

The 82-page book is published by Lesedi Publishers.


Hulisani Netshifhefhe has just released her drama Zwe nde ndi ite. Photo supplied. 



Mbulaheni Ridovhona

The 22-year-old Mbulaheni (Gary) Ridovhona has been passionate about journalism to the extent that he would buy himself a copy of weekly Univen students' newsletter, Our Voice. After reading, he would write stories about his rural village, Mamvuka, and submit them to the very newsletter for publication. His deep-rooted love for words and writing saw him register for a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies at the University of Venda, and joined the Limpopo Mirror team in February 2016 as a journalism intern.


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