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Black Rambo's first rhumba gospel album

Entertainment - Date: 01 June 2020

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Music followers will concur that rhumba (tshingondo) music is seldom associated with church, because rhumba is usually played during fun times, celebratory picnics, and relaxing excursions.

Over time, this notion has altered with the emergence of a new type of music called rhumba gospel. The driving force behind the new sound is well-known Musina clergyman Lucky Munyai.

As founder and leader of the Musina-based Redemption Church of Christ Ministry International, Munyai, a keen guitarist, released the first of its kind rhumba gospel six-track album, entitled Tshanda tsha Yehova (the hand of Jehovah), last week.

He says although many people do not associate rhumba music with church, people should change how they think because the world and times are changing.

Going by his stage name of The Black Rambo, Munyai says he started playing music at a young age. “I would use old oil tins and rubber bands to make guitars, but I bought my first proper guitar around 1989 when I was working in Gauteng. I used to join my friends for practical music sessions and played for various musical bands, until I came back home to accept the ministry call in 2012.”

He says although he was on top of the world in the ministry, the music withdrawal pangs kept on bothering him. “I then decided to go to G Records’ studio here in Musina to record my album towards the end of last year. I played all the guitars and did lead and backing vocals on the album. Because rhumba music is very tricky, there was a lot of work to do and I had to take my time to make sure that my music was mature. That is why I decided to release it last week.”

Asked why he named the album Tshanda tsha Yehova, Munyai said: “The album is a campaign to sensitize people about the greatness of God. Everyone should know that God is above all the situations. Looking at where I come from, I also want to thank God for the many blessing He has bestowed on my life. Besides the title track, other songs include Hu na madzulo manzhi, Khonani ndi Yesu, Idani kha nne, Vhathu vha khou fhela and Muya Mukhethwa.”

He adds that he is thankful of the support he is receiving from his fans just a week after the release of his first album. “The demand is huge, and I am happy that people like my music. It is rare to receive such a huge support for a first album. I will continue to provide music to my fans without compromising my calling in the ministry of Jesus.”

Although he is doing self-marketing now, Black Rambo promises that his music will soon be available on all online platforms. Presently, fans can call 079 257 4614 to purchase the album.


Famous clergyman Lucky Black Rambo Munyai of Musina has released his first rhumba gospel album, Tshanda tsha Yehova.   




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