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Nemadzivhani has reached Damascus

Entertainment - Date: 19 July 2020

Written by: Mbulaheni Ridovhona / Viewed: 1198


Tshilungwi author Mashudu Nemadzivhani has released his second book, entitled Surviving Damascus, which deals with knowing your purpose in life.

Last year he released his first book, The Road to Damascus, in which he outlines ways one can get rid of all unwanted traits, so that they can be in a good position to serve their purpose in life. After writing The Road to Damascus, he sat down and asked himself what he expected people to do when they finally reached Damascus. Surviving Damascus is the answer to that question.

Nemadzivhani says Surviving Damascus focuses more on how one can remain effective and maintain the consistency when they are already serving their purpose in life. "This is a place where one will have to learn how to handle different things with the utmost professionalism."

He says: "I wrote this book after I have noticed that there are lot of people who are working very hard in order to see themselves in the position where they can do what they are passionate about, only to lose everything within a short space of time afterwards. I realised that it is not because they are careless, but they do not know how to protect their position in life once they have it. It is like all they know is to work hard for things but fail to hold on to that."

Through this book, "I aim to arm as many people as possible with the information on how to remain the best version of yourself as well as flourishing in serving the purpose of one’s life. If you ever want to be successful in this life, you must learn to live your life like you are running a business. After all, you never know who is watching and for what reason. But above all, we must learn how to maintain the reputations we have worked so hard to build. Then we will survive," he says.

To order a copy, phone him on 062 181 8921.


The author of Surviving Damascus, Mashudu Nemadzivhani. Photo supplied.



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