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“Gospel music can restore broken hearts”

Entertainment - Date: 09 August 2020

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“Gospel music can heal, teach the Word of God, sooth the soul, and restore broken hearts. If you are in the gospel music industry for money, name, or fame, just know deep in your heart that you are deceiving yourself. Gospel singers are here to destroy the plans of the devil and to save lives.” So says rising gospel music star Awedzani Florence Mutele of Ha-Makuya.

Despite staying in the deep rural area, Mutele has reached many people, including those in urban areas, through her music. Going by her stage name of Florence Mutele M, the upcoming gospel music star has two albums to her name. Her first album, Tshanda tsha Yehova, was released in 2018. She is currently busy promoting her latest album, U hone Mukundeli, which was released early this year.

A staunch member of the Makuya Deliverance Christian Centre, Mutele says she started singing at a young age in Sunday school and in the church worship team. “I was inspired by the music of Rapson Rambuwani, and I told myself that one day I would be like him. Fellow church members and local community members kept on commending me that I have a beautiful voice. I still have a dream of featuring Rapson Rambuwani in my music career.”  

Mutele says she decided to sing gospel music because she relates well to the Word of God. “I grew up in church and everyone at home lives by the word of God. The Bible teaches us to love one another, and I realized that I could spread love through gospel music. When you sing gospel music, you connect easily with God, and you can simply touch many lives through what you sing. Sometimes the Word of God guides me in the song’s composition, lyrics, and the type of message to be delivered to the audience, making it easier to make music under the guidance of the Almighty God.”

Her latest album, U hone Mukundeli, has nine tracks that are deeply rooted in the word of God. These are U hone Mukundeli, Mishumo yau yothe, Ro phuluswa, Ro i wana ndila, Ro newa tshilidzi, Tsho ntswikisaho henefha, Vha Murena wa marena, Mudzimu wanga and ndi do vha renda.

She is grateful that local people are supporting her by buying her music. Because of the lockdown, she uses social media such as Facebook (Awedzani Florence Mutele Makuya) and WhatsApp (0767030935) to sell her music.


Florence Mutele uses gospel music to spread the Word of God.  Photo supplied.




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