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Mphadzha has a passion to unearth hidden talent

Entertainment - Date: 15 November 2020

Written by: Maanda Bele / Viewed: 1659


Pfariso Mphadzha (23), better known as Pfariso Mphadzha Mara Ngoho, has become a popular name in the entertainment industry.

Growing up in Khalavha village, Pfariso always had a passion for being a master of ceremonies (MC) and promoting local artists. “My passion for music and having a heart for giving out to the community made me realise that there is a hidden talent in me which I have to express in a certain way,” he said.

Well-known artists such as Proheed, Toxictee, Tbag live, and Ladie Tee are some of the big names who have worked with Pfariso. His career in the entertainment industry started six years ago when he had a slot as a local music analyst at Univen FM.

“Being a local music analyst gave me a kickstart as I started receiving bookings at local gigs as an MC,” he said. “I want to promote local artists who are eager to be known but have few resources to achieve their goals.”

According to Pfariso, today’s youth have a lot of hidden talent.  “I know many young people who are highly talented, but this talent is hidden behind closed doors.  My passion is to bring out the talent through my marketing strategies,” he said.

Pfariso is also a marketing strategist for the Muphulusi Foundation, a non-profit organisation that deals with helping the less privileged.

For more information, Pfariso can be contacted at 072 5053609; or on Facebook: Pfariso Mphadzha Mara Ngoho, Twitter: @pMphadzha or Email:


Pfariso Mphadzha. Photo supplied.



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