Fame will not keep young Master Milk from his books

Entertainment - Date: 18 June 2022

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Many young people abandon their education and start living carelessly the moment fame comes their way. This, however, is not the case for the young VenRapper, Tendani Mpilo of Matswale in Musina, who, at the tender age of 17, is already a household name in the far-northern border town.

Tendani, who goes by the stage name of ‘Master Milk’, is a Grade 10 learner at the Renaissance High School in Musina. Despite his growing popularity, he maintains a strict balance between his music career and education.

To this young artist, nothing is more important than seeing his own generation become educated. “It pains me to see the young people of my generation abusing alcohol and substances. Alcohol and drugs are not good, because they destroy young people’s lives. We are the future leaders of this country, and we will not be able to rule it well if we are not educated. I regard education as a high priority because I want to be a responsible adult when I grow up. I encourage other young people like myself to take education seriously, so that we can be shining examples of future educated leaders.”

Tendani has previously released five Amapiano and VenRap singles, namely Phanda, Show me, Leader, Kuwe and Maswina. He is currently working on another single, called Ngizo buya, to be released at the end of June this year.

Although he still spends most of his time studying, he also makes time to perform at local gigs. “I receive many invitations to perform, but I sometimes have to turn down night gigs because I don’t want them to interfere with my studies. When you perform at night, you come home exhausted and don’t feel like studying anymore. It is important for young artists to manage their time effectively because this is the foundation for future success.”

Except for sharing his music on social-media platforms, the local community radio station, Musina FM, also gives his music fair airplay. “There is nothing more rewarding than being recognised by your local communities. When your music plays on the radio, it builds your profile, and you connect with your fans more easily. I feel so proud when I hear my music on the radio. It is every artist’s dream to hear their music on air. I thank the management of Musina FM for giving young people a chance to promote their music on radio.”

Because of his love of entertainment, Tendani plans on studying sound engineering after school and becoming a professional sound engineer.


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At the tender age of 17, Tendani 'Master Milk' Mpilo is a celebrated musician in Musina. Photo supplied.





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