Tshindane is back with another book

Entertainment - Date: 24 June 2022

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Thivhusiwi Gabriel Tshindane is back with another book.

After publishing his third book of poetry about four months ago, this resident of Lutomboni village in the Nzhelele Valley has published his fourth book, titled Hone hu tshi tea u maliwa nga vhugai. Whereas his previous book contained poems, the latest one is a novel.

Tshindane was born at Thononda village, some 59 years ago. He completed his school education at Khakhu High School and then went to Makhado College of Education, where he did his secondary teachers’ diploma. During his time as a student Tshindane started to explore his writing talent. He wrote a number of poems and songs in his spare time.

A few years later, Tshindane published his debut poetry book, Na rine ri vhathu. This was followed with another book of poetry, Ndi mushumo une kha lino ndi khou lilesa.

His third book of poetry, Nndwa I tshe khulu, was published in February this year. The title can be loosely translated to mean “the struggle is still far from over”, and the book contains 50 poems.

His latest book was published by Vhakololo Press. In the book, Tshindane tries to address the confusion many people face as a result of their failure to draw a line between traditional and western marriages. Tshindane tries to address problems such as parents who demand exorbitant fees for lobola from the grooms-to-be, as if they are selling their daughters.

According to Tshindane, the demand for the new book is far higher than he can supply.  He says that the book will be available at most local bookshops at the beginning of next month. He can be reached on 082 0416060.


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Mr Thivhusiwi Gabriel Tshindane. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.




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