Pensioner wants to record music

Entertainment - Date: 17 July 2022

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An 82-year-old pensioner who has been playing a traditional instrument called mbila (also called a thumb piano) for more than 50 years, Mr Tshinyadzo Joseph Muthakhi, says he has been trying to record his debut album for many years but to no avail.

Mr Muthakhi, who is also a traditional healer from Khubvi village, says he started playing mbila when he was still very young.

"As a former bare-knuckle boxing champion, I used to play my music each time I went to tournaments. I also play my music to connect myself with my ancestors," he said.

When asked how he was going to perform on stage when he was now in his 80s, he said, "Age is just a number. I still feel very strong. Each time I listen to Thomas Mapfumo playing mbila, I feel very much inspired. I know that, despite my age, one day I will make history by being the oldest musician to record an album in my village," he said. 

Mukhathi is pleading with recording companies and the corporate world to help him to record his music. Those who would like to help him can contact him at 081 893 3167.


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Mr Tshimangadzo Joseph Muthakhi plays his mbila or thumb piano. Photo: Victor Mukwevho.





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