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New paved access road for Musina Nancefield

News - Date: 18 March 2017

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During a recent public participation meeting, community members in Musina Nancefield Extension 6 and 7 indicated that they needed a road network infrastructure that would make their lives easier.

Their plea was answered within a short space of time as the Musina Local Municipality is commissioning the construction of paved access roads in their area.

Municipal spokesperson Wilson Dzebu said that the 1,6km road stretch would improve the lives of local people in terms of mobility and health as the dust from gravel roads often passed into the lungs and caused serious irritation or damage. “The dust also has a particularly detrimental effect on people with existing respiratory conditions, such as asthma.”

He added that the improvement from gravel to paved roads had many benefits for the local community.  “While it is clear that everyone in that area would benefit a great deal from waving goodbye to the dusty roads, the initiative will also decrease the number of accidents because dust on the roads causes an increased level of danger by their propensity to obscure vision. We have put aside R8 million secured from the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) for this project.  This will go a long way in coming up with solutions to the problem of gravel roads on a case-by-case basis.”

Mr Samuel Mudau is a taxi driver who operates his taxi in Nancefield on a daily basis, and he said that the construction of the paved access road was good news to the motorists. “Besides increasing the lifespan of our vehicles, we will be able to make more income, because we will take more loads of passengers within a very short space of time.” 

Construction work on the 1,6km paved road project is progressing well in Musina Nancefield Extension 6 and 7.



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