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Council offices to be expanded

News - Date: 19 March 2017

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The Musina Municipality has started with a project of extending the municipal offices in Musina at a cost of R5 million. The scope of work includes the construction of new council chambers, offices and ablution facilities. 

The communications manager of Musina Municipality, Mr Wilson Dzebu, said there was a need to extend the offices because the municipality had grown. “Before the recent local government elections, we had a total of six wards and 12 councillors. We now have 12 wards and 24 councillors, which takes us a step further from a plenary to an executive municipality. One small example is of our current council chamber, which can no longer accommodate all the councillors and management because of the growth of the municipality. The old chamber has a capacity to accommodate 60 people and the new one will house more than 120 people.”

Dzebu said the construction was not only going to boost the infrastructure of the municipality, but assisted in creating job opportunities for local people. “Some people who were formerly unemployed are now able to put something on their tables. Apart from earning money, they will be able to acquire skills that they will use independently to get some income after the completion of the project. This is what we call community empowerment.”

He advised community members to take good care of the infrastructure after completion. “The fact that the infrastructure is located in the municipal offices does not necessarily mean that it belongs solely to the municipality. Damaging infrastructure creates setbacks as more money will be diverted from service delivery to the repairs and maintenance. We all have the responsibility to make sure that these buildings are safe at all times.”

Constructors busy with their work at the site of the extension of Musina Municipaly's offices.



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