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Possible ritual murder in Muledane?

News - Date: 24 April 2017

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The murder victim, whose mutilated body was discovered early this morning near the Muledane soccer field, has been identified as the 32-year-old Kenneth Mukhari.

Reporting for the Limpopo Mirror from the scene, Elmon Tshikhudo spoke to some of Mukhari’s family members. They last saw Mukhari on Saturday when he was on his way to watch a soccer game. 

In the meantime, the Thohoyandou police have asked residents to remain calm in order for them to finish their investigation into the matter. Angry community members have already held an impromptu meeting and the situation in the village remains tense.

The Thohoyandou Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect(s) responsible for the brutal killing of a 23-year-old man. It is believed that that the murder may be linked to a ritual killing.

According to the police the man’s mutilated body was discovered near the local soccer ground in the Muledane Village by a passer-by early on Monday morning. “The body of the deceased was found with multiple stab wounds … and the nose, lips and both ears were missing,” said provincial police spokesperson, Col Moatshe Ngoepe.

He added that preliminary investigations have revealed that the unknown man’s body might have been dumped next to the field and that the murder might have been committed somewhere else.

“The motive behind this killing is unknown, but a ritual murder may not be ruled out,” said Ngoepe.  

He has urged community members who are in uproar and blocking roads in the area, to remain calm and give the police time to investigate the case.

In the mean-time those with information, that can assist the police, are requested to contact Lt-Col William Ramokhubedu at Tel 082 499 8389, their nearest police station or the Crime Stop Number at Tel 08600 10111.


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  • Avatar
    Uncle Sol Mashimbye 13 months ago

    By the look of things ritual murder is legal in South Africa specifically Vembe district.of cause through out the world no matter the stringent laws dealing with crime but crime can not be completely wiped away but dealing harshly with a specific crime has proven to be effective,the government must introduce a special unit and special courts to deal precisely with this ritual murder cases.why a lion that prey on a human being put down immediately but a human being that kill another will be rehabilitated instead of being put down as well.if America can use Mazadolam to slaughter criminals,South Africa has got an abundance of this drugs to use,there is zwiganame,aliphirimi,ndadzi crocodile brains and many more to eliminate this criminals when found guilty of this barbaric crime called ritual murder.some of this bastards got their own close family members why can't they serve themselves in their own yards.

  • Avatar
    Lutendo Esrom 14 months ago

    Without pointing any finger, The satanic tendency and evil that loves blood within our area needs a serious attention. If justice could not do anything about it The community together as one...Grab to kill like fighting fire with fire.

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The body of the 32-year-old Kenneth Mukhari is removed from the crime scene to a waiting mortuary van.




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