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Where are our matriculants off to this December?

News - Date: 02 December 2017

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It’s December, the matric exams are finished, and the school-leavers are preparing for a new future, but first they have to take a break.

Some of them are off to exotic places abroad, some relax at home and some will join the party celebrations at the coast or popular holiday resorts. This year, however, it seems as if the Klein Kariba resort near Bela-Bela has become the new "Plett" of Limpopo.

The Zoutpansberger contacted a couple of local matriculants to find out where they are off to for the December holidays.

Y-isha Raphael, a matriculant of Ridgeway College, says she is planning on going to the famous “matric rage” in Durban for a few days. “It’s party, party and more partying, but still remains relatively safe. Parents can track their kids with the tags on the wrist bands they wear,” Y-isha explains.

The SA Matric Rage is held on the Durban beach front and attracts thousands of young people every year. It takes place from 2 to 9 December. During the festival, a variety of popular bands perform. These include names such as Black Coffee, Chunda Munki, TiMO ODV and VIMO.

It seems as if a large contingent of young people will travel to the ATKV resort at Bela-Bela. The “Klein Kariba Student Jol” promises to be a party like the resort has seldom before seen. Artists that will be performing include Spoegwolf, Tussen Sterre, Rubber DUC, Held On Till May, Elvis se Seun, Georic Lomas, I Believe in Giants, Jan Bloukaas, Jerrie and the Bandits, Onbeskaamd and The Dandies.

Anton Scholtz, a matric student of Louis Trichardt High School, says he will be joining approximately 20 other students from the local high school and from the CVO school who all plan on visiting Klein Kariba. “It’s going to be a fun-filled and free-spirited experience amidst the sun.”

Lindie Lourens, another matric student of Louis Trichardt High School, is planning on going to a popular resort at Loskopdam in Mpumalanga for approximately four days. “I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life,” says Lindie.

Abegale Smit, also from Louis Trichardt High School, says she decided to spend her vacation in the city of Pretoria for a couple of weeks. She plans on moving to Pretoria next year. “I believe the city is where I belong, and the city is the perfect place to spend my vacation,” says Abegale.

Meghna Patel, a matriculant from Ridgeway College, wants to spend her vacation in the Drakensberg mountains, surrounded by breath-taking views. “This will ensure that I am never in a bad mood,” she says. Her ideal break-away place is made up of little independent cafés and multiple golf courses, with a touch of adventure for those who are brave enough. “The Drakensberg is the ideal place to escape reality,” says Meghna.

Kerryn Muleya, another matric student of Ridgeway College, is travelling outside the borders of the country and decided to go on a luxurious holiday to Mozambique and experience the relaxing beaches with the sand in her toes. “High school gave me a set of keys to unlock the world,” said Kerryn.

The majority of the matriculants will, however, not be attending any sort of matric vacation. Most claim it is too expensive. It is not just the entry ticket to the various "rages" that sets you back financially, but also the accommodation, travelling costs and, of course, the various beverages that will be consumed at these parties.


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Abeghale Smit is off to Pretoria for a few weeks.


Kerryn Muleya plans on dipping her toes in the water in Mozambique.

Y-isha Rafhael plans on going to Durban to enjoy the fun at the rage festival there.

Anton Scholtz is one of several local matriculants who are on their way to Klein Kariba.

Lindie Lourens' break-away place is Loskopdam.

Meghna Patel believes the Drakensberg is the ideal place to escape reality for a while.



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