Uncle Sol Mashimbye 12 months ago

This sounds like music in my ears,good and excellènt results and it is much appreciated and let's give a round of applause to all the stake holders.it is also evident that the standard is being maintained and improved looking at the previous results.This happens where there is dedication,commitment,sacrifices laced with discipline of the highest standard.it also demonstrate that the parents,educators and leaners are singing from the same hymn book and having the same vision to see the future of the learners shaped in the right direction.Good results indeed a hard working team together to build a better life for the learner and let me repeat it is much appreciated and keep up the good work.

Now let's look at this,I will give you an example about the private sector.any hours worked in excess of the normal hours is called overtime and must be compensated accordingly as such.This is according to the basic conditions of employment act which I'm not sure it applies to education,but this is the Labour lingo which knows no colour.I understand the way they are motivated as hard working and going the extra mile but that alone without compensation is called exploitation and not conforming to employment standards no matter how we can sing like a canary when praising it,it is wrong not to pay overtime even if you are a black government.Volunteerism forms part and parcel of exploitation and slavery by employers of any colour.
This thing of working extra hours and weekends is not happening in this school but all over south africa,educators are just under pressure doing it for a paltry or nothing as managers will come hard on them if they don't produce results.Overtime maybe in simple language an extra money paid for working extra hours,so who doesn't work for money?If ever educators unions are allowing this to happen unchallenged then I will be correct if I say they are in bed with the employer to exploit the educators.Please get me correctly,what I'm saying is that the government of the day must just do the right thing and comply with the relevant legislation pertaining to overtime work and simple.So if they work to please the employer but by default then we have replaced apartheid exploitation with democratic exploitation.And I don't dispute the fact that they do it for their kids but they have demonstrated what is right and the employer must join the party by doing the right thing and pay.
I remember at retail industry when they want to avoid employing more human resources they came with another form of exploitation called "flexubilty" and some call it multi skilling and tasking.thats when one doesn't have a job description but run all over the shop floor and it benefited the employer with less manpower but maximum profit.
In this case on education like I have mentioned it is happening all over,we are facing a high unemployment challenges above 30% and there are qualified educators out there who want to be employed and opportunities are curtailed in the form of putting pressure indirectly to the already employed educators to work unpaid overtime and block new appointments.Yes it is hardworking but under the auspices of exploitation and slavery by a black majority government.
But believe me if this was happening in retail,think of that national company doing this to indirectly force it's employees to work extended hours for no overtime pay we will all be in unison accusing it of unfair Labour practice but because the employer is a black government it sound justifiably.And let me repeat myself I accusing all schools that abuses educators by blindfolding them into believing that they do it for their learners and not paid overtime,results are achieved unjustifiable it deserve more educators to get employment opportunities to cover for this vacancies and I mean accross the board.