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Mother of two stabbed to death

News - Date: 19 February 2018

Written by: Elmon Tshikhudo / Viewed: 4015


Ms Tsitsi Marungisa (26), a Zimbabwean national who stays at Tshisahulu, was last seen in the company of her boyfriend, a local man, on Saturday evening. Her family is now accusing her boyfriend of stabbing her to death.

The mother of two children left the place where she was lodging with her boyfriend on Saturday evening for a night of fun. That was the last time she was seen alive.

Her lifeless body was discovered by passers-by in the early hours of Sunday, not far from where she stayed.

Information at this paper's disposal is that the relationship between the two had not been a healthy one as they used to fight time and again. Even on the day of the incident, the couple was said to have been fighting at the different drinking holes they had gone to.

The dead woman's brother-in-law, Tawanda Hwdzi, said their relationship used to be on and off, and at one stage they wanted to marry, but it was called off because of their persistent problems. Mr John Madziva, the deceased' s brother, said he could sense that things were not well on that particular day.

"These people were always fighting and everywhere they went that evening, it was fighting all the way. I strongly believe that the boyfriend killed my sister. What is bothering me is the fact that, with all the information given to the police, they are still not able to make an arrest.”

He added that the two had had an argument at one of the local filling stations where there are cameras, “but the police are refusing to follow that up. There is a Zimbabwean guy who saw it all, but when he tried to tell the police, he was beaten in front of the police and he had to run away without giving evidence. We do not even know where to find him now, and valuable information has been lost," he said.

Madziva said he was worried that the law had eyes here in South Africa. He said if it were a Zimbabwean who had killed, the whole village would be on fire and they would be chased away. However, because a Venda had killed a Zimbabwean, everything was quiet as if nothing had happened.

"Please treat us equally; we are all Africans and we deserve the same respect. We still have hope that the police will do the right thing and arrest the suspect, who is still roaming the streets. This will bring peace to the family, even though we know she will not come back.”

Local civic member Mr Thomas Rambuwani said they were surprised to hear that the main suspect had not been arrested. "We have arranged for a meeting as a community to chart the way forward and see how best we can assist the police in this case. This is a very serious case, and we can assure the family we are not taking sides," he said.

Limpopo Mirror made several attempts to get comment from the police, but at the time of our going to press no comment had been received.


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Ms Tsitsi Marungisa.


The deceased's brother, Mr John Madziva, says the police and community are practising double standards and are not helping them because they are foreigners.


Elmon Tshikhudo

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