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Healer organization warns against "fake traditional healers"

News - Date: 22 April 2018

Written by: Elmon Tshikhudo / Viewed: 1014


Traditional healer Matamba Mamuremi has lashed out at fake traditional healers who are siphoning unsuspecting clients of their hard-earned cash on false pretences.

Mamuremi, leader of the Vhangona Indigenous Health Practitioners, said the organization will not hesitate to act against such healers if found to be their members. His warning comes amidst complaints from members of the public, who said that they were made to pay for services they did not get.

In one strange incident, a 47-year-old woman lost more than R3 000 in cash in her bid to bring back her dead mother. Ms Muhangwi Murundwa (47) of Dididi said her mother, Ms Nyamukamadi Murundwa passed away last year after a short illness. “It was a short while after the funeral that a local resident advised me to consult a well-known traditional healer at Mphego, who could bring back my deceased mother. At first, as a Christian, I had doubts, but after consultations with my family we decided to consult her,” she said.

Murundwa further indicated that on arrival she became more convinced when the healer told her the name of her mother and told her she was well. She added that she was told to pay R2 500, buy a sheep’s head, razor blades and needles for the ritual which she did. “I went back home and waited for the healer, but she only sent a young man and woman who told me they have forgotten some muti for the ritual. I became suspicious and since then she had been playing hide and seek and not fulfilling her promise.”

She said that all she wants is to get het money back. “I have lost a lot and I also want others to know that she is a fake,” said Murundwa.

The healer, Ms Mamaila Makondo, said that the woman is hiding the truth, because she told her that it was a process that would continue in steps. “I told her that we have to cleanse their home first for which she paid the first amount. When I sent my trainees to her place, she became hostile to them and we could not continue. I am still waiting for her to come so that we can complete the rituals,” she said.

Mr Matamba Mamuremi warned traditional healers not to take money from clients on false pretences. “There is no way that a dead person could be brought back to life. We distance ourselves from such promises and we will check as to which organization she belongs to that disciplinary steps could be taken against her. We have strict rules that governs our practices, and this should be adhered to,” he said.


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Vhangona Indigenous Health Practitioners chairperson, Mr Matamba Mamuremi who has come out strongly against fake traditional helaers.


Traditional healer, Ms Mamaila Makondo.


Elmon Tshikhudo

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