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Cattle and goats for a royal wedding

News - Date: 10 August 2018

Written by: Elmon Tshikhudo / Viewed: 3654


“Your days of playing around are over,” the newlywed traditional leader, Chief Nelson Mabidi of Mabidi outside Vuwani was told two weeks ago. Chief Mabidi exchanged vows with his bride from Malonga village on Saturday, July 28.

The wedding, befitting of royalty, was attended by senior traditional leaders from across Vhembe and included Thovhele Tshishonga Muila, Thovhele Vhambelani Thavhamaano Netsianda, Chief Midiyavhathu Davhana and Thovhele Davhana. Other dignitaries included Vhembe District education director Dr Gerson Rambiyana, many pastors and business personalities.

The wedding, held at the Joe Matsila Lodge at Matsila outside Vuwani, was characterized by traditional gifts such as cattle and goats, with money being a bonus.

The youthful chief, who is also a student at the University of Venda, wedded a Master’s of organic chemistry student, Licollet Livhuwani Luvhimbi (25) of Malonga village.

Officiating during the ceremony, visionary traditional leader Chief Livhuwani Matsila, who also gave the couple 20 goats and a herd of 10 Nguni cows and a bull, urged the newly married chief to be an example to his community. “You must lead by example and your community should learn from you. I have been concerned for some time as to when you would get married, but today I will have a peaceful sleep, knowing that you have a wife who will support you all along,” he said.

Matsila said the gift of Nguni cows and goats was traditionally a symbol of wealth and respect and that his subjects would learn from him to be self-sustainable through farming. He said the livestock would earn him the respect of his subjects as the herds grew.

An equally excited father-in-law, Edwin Luvhimbi, who is a curriculum coordinator at the Vhembe Department of Education, said he was challenged by Matsila and he also gave the couple two heads of cattle.

An ecstatic Chief Nelson Mabidi said the wedding was a culmination of a five-year journey they had undertaken. “We are very excited. The many years we have been together finally paid off. We know each other well and we are sure with God’s guidance this marriage will stand the test of time,” he said, beaming with excitement and confidence.



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To a lifelong relationship - Chief Livhuwani Matsila (left) joins the new family in a toast during the ceremony.


Traditional leaders and family members join the new couple in celebrating their marriage during the ceremony.


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