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New chief (16) installed at Mukula

News - Date: 08 October 2018

Written by: Elmon Tshikhudo / Viewed: 11892


Residents of Mukula outside Thohoyandou, who have been without a chief for the past five years, were in a celebratory mood on Saturday. A new and very young traditional leader, Chief Muvhango Christian Takalani, was installed to replace his late father, Chief Victor Lufuno Nkhwathiseni Takalani Tshivhase.

The new leader, who is only 16 years old and a Grade 11 learner at Eric Louw High School in Musina, was named Chief Mpfuneni Takalani Tshivhase. As tradition dictates, the new chief’s duties will be performed by elders until he comes of age.

His assistant, or Ndumi, is Milingoni Takalani, while Tshifaro Takalani was named the Khadzi (sister).

The installation, which was officiated by the senior traditional leader from the Tshivhase Royal House, took place in a big tent erected at the entrance to the royal palace at Mukula. The ceremony was attended by many chiefs such as Vho-Thovhela Nethengwe, Rambuda, Nelwamondo, Makuya, Ramovha, Tshikonelo, Tshikundamalema, Netshimbupfe, Manenzhe and Tshikundamalema. An entourage from CONTRALESA also arrived, along with government officials, pastors and many community members.

Dr Stanley Radzilani blessed the new chief and gave him a present in the form of a Bible.

As per custom, an entertaining tshikona dance - led by Mailausumbwa Tshivhase and the new chief - followed the installation.

In installing the new chief, Mailausumbwa Kennedy Tshivhase urged the community, including the elders, to rally around and support the new incumbent.

SANCO leader Mr Hulisani Mabasa and Mr Shonisani Tshisevhe pledged to support the new chief like they did with his late father.

On behalf of CONTRALESA Vhembe, Prince Gulukhulu Mathebula said they were excited as an organization to witness the historic installation of the young chief. “In you we see a prospective member who will join us very soon. Join us and together we will work for the development of our communities. With us you will learn many things,” he said.

Vhembe Executive Mayor Florence Radzilani, who worked with the new chief’s late father while she was the MEC for the police, also welcomed the new chief and pledged to work with him.


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  • Avatar
    makhosini makhubele 9 months ago

    In my Tsonga community, the word "Nduna" or "tinduna" is a colonial invention and should be replaced with "Junior Traditional leader" in English or Ndabezitha in Xitsonga, which is a more respected title used for so-called "nduna", which is seen in Xitsonga as disrespectful!

  • Avatar
    makhosini makhubele 9 months ago

    It is now 25-years after we achieved our freedom from racial oppression, it is disappointing to see us Africans still referring to our traditional leaders as "chiefs"...that title was given to our leaders by the British colonialists, using the policy of "indirect rule" to dehumanize our traditional leadership institutions. The correct reference to so-called "chiefs" should be "Junior Traditional leader", the title should have been "Junior Traditional leader installed at Mukula".

  • Avatar
    Mpho Madiba 9 months ago

    This is very poor writing you should get proper journalists. The editor needs some extra lessons. you cant publish a story with poor grammar. go back to school

  • Avatar
    Benson Mpete 9 months ago

    He must take his studies seriously and get proper education so that he become a wise chief who will lead the people with honor.

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The new chief Mpfuneni Takalani (second from right) is congratulated by senior traditional leader Mailausumbwa Kennedy Tshivhase (right) during the installation. Also welcoming the new chief are, from left to right, CONTRALESA's Prince Gulukhulu Mathebula, Dr Stanley Radzilani (who blessed the new chief) and Vhembe District's executive mayor, Cllr Florence Radzilani.


Tshivhase senior traditional leader Mailausumbwa Kennedy Tshivhase (left) and the new chief, leading tshikona dancers during the ceremony at Mukula.


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