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A dream to establish an old age home

News - Date: 24 June 2019

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Sybil Kubayi, a nurse at the Nkhensani Clinic in Chavani village, is chasing her dream. Her dream, however, does not focus on her own needs but rather on those of the pensioners in her community. She wants to provide a safe haven for them where they are properly being cared for.

Kubayi has noticed that many older people with chronic illnesses visit the clinic. These patients cannot be helped effectively at their homes, but the clinic can also not look after them 24 hours a day.

“After visiting the homes of several elderly people in Chavani, I realised that a need existed to establish a facility that would cater for this group of people. Most of them do not have the resources and the education to follow a healthy diet,” Kubayi explained.

When the patients visit the clinic, they are advised on what to do and the diet they should follow, but some completely forget. “If an old-age home is established in the village, the elderly can be monitored and assured of better health,” said Kubayi. This will also make it easier for relatives who can then regularly visit the elderly.

In 2015, Kubayi established a facility to take care of people aged 60 and older. “Currently, the elderly come only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that is not my wish. I intend setting up a full-fledged old age home. The old should be staying at the place, but we lack the necessary infrastructure,” she said.

With the help of some volunteers, Kubayi is now looking after 43 elderly people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or HIV/AIDS.

The elderly are encouraged to do physical exercises and some jog around the nearby playground. They are also supplied with food such as vegetables, porridge, tea and bread. “If the organisation can secure funding, Kubayi hopes to treat the elderly to a variety of meals.

Two weeks ago, Old Mutual donated R15 000 towards the building of an office for the project.


Sybil Kubayi, a nurse at the Nkhensani Clinic in Chavani village.




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