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Women's month -  “Show her that you love her ...”

News - Date: 12 August 2019

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“You don’t necessarily have to bless your wife with fancy things to show her that you love her. Whatever action that you do whole-heartedly with the little resources you have means a lot to the one you love.”

These are the romantic words from Mr Robert Mudau from Musina, who carries his domestic-worker wife to work every morning on his bicycle and collects her in the evening.

Sarah Mandobe, who enjoys the ride every weekday, says she feels very special because her husband treats her with love and affection. “My husband is unemployed and job hunting, but he makes sure he carries me to and from work every day. If he is not feeling well or busy with other pressing matters, I ride the bicycle on my own.”

She says many people look at them with surprise when they cross the busy N1 road to and from work every day. “As a seasonal domestic worker, I have to make sure that the little money I make from my work is spent effectively. We all know that daily public transport is very expensive these days. Using the bicycle with the help of my loving husband is another way of saving transport money. I am so grateful that I have someone like him who takes care of me without compromise.”

Sarah says: “There is nothing more fulfilling than being loved and appreciated. A woman can have everything, a beautiful house, fancy cars and lot of money, but if she is not getting full love and attention from her husband, life becomes meaningless. I feel like a queen when my husband proudly hit the pedals while I sit comfortably on the bicycle. I thank God for giving me the love of my life who would do anything to make me happy.”


Mr Robert Mudau of Musina proudly cycles his domestic-worker wife, Sarah Mandobe, to and from work every day during the week.




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