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Municipality discuss service delivery issues at Sigonde

News - Date: 05 September 2019

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The secretary of the Sigonde Tribal Council in Ward 9 of the Musina Municipality, Mr Ntshavheni Munyai, expressed happiness about the opportunity to raise service-delivery challenges with the political leadership of Musina.

This was during the recent visit of the Musina Municipality delegation to the Sigonde Tribal Council. The visit was meant to address service-delivery issues in the village.

Munyai said he was impressed by the fact that the leadership of the municipality had decided to put everything aside to come and interact with the villagers. “We understand that our leaders are very busy people. Even though today is Sunday, they made time to come and meet us face to face to respond to our issues. We are very privileged to be blessed with this type of leadership that is always available when we need them.”

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope said the government had done a lot to improve the lives of the local people, but she acknowledged that much still needed to be done. “It is important that we serve all our wards equally, despite the shortage of resources and limited budget.  If we go around all the wards of Musina, we can see that there are lot of achievements and we are happy that the lives of our people have been improved. All the challenges cannot be addressed overnight, but we are pleased that people do witness what we are doing as government.”

Muhlope said issues that had been raised by Sigonde villagers would be addressed with the seriousness they deserved. “We noted the issues related to the shortage of RDP houses, damaged roads, stock theft, improved water supply and unemployment. Issues that are the competency of the municipality will be worked on as a matter of urgency,” she added.

According to her, those that do not fall within their scope of work will be referred to the relevant authorities and timeous follow-ups will be made, so that they can also be addressed amicably.


Seated are Cllr Fistos Mafela (Chief Whip), Mayor Mihloti Muhlope, Cllr Jeremia Khunwana (member of Musina Municipality Council Executive Committee) and Cllr Gilbert Netshisaulu (Speaker). They were photographed with members of the Sigonde Tribal Council and other community members who attended the service delivery meeting at Sigonde village.




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