Benson Mpete 4 days ago

Accurate reporting please. I dont believe there attacks were xenophobic. I believe that South Africans were only addressing a range of problems that have engulfed our country where it would seem the rule of law has diminished. South Africans have no alternative country to run to ones every little resource of our country would have been vandalised, damaged and exhausted. Foreign nationals will simply pack their bags and revert to their own countries once they would have finished everything here. South Africa is a liberal country and as such we allowed people to mingle with us, open their own buisnesses and share everything with us But what do they do, they stab us in the back, feeding our youth drugs, selling counterfeit goods, damaging our environment by not complying to environmental laws, steal our belongings, engaging in all sorts of crimes such as rapes, murder, corruption, etc. When South Africans went to other African countries during Apartheid in the country, they were constantly being deported, kept in camps and they could not go to towns and cities. It is very painful to learn that we South Africans come last in almost all key economic sectors of our own country, our own resources. The Universities are gone, if you do some maths and calculate how many South Africans occupy lecturing positions in each and every South African University you will be shocked to learn that we do not even make a quarter of their staff component, i am not talking about the cleaners and administrators, i am talking about strategic positions. We must assess the strategic nature of how these people operate, those who deal in drugs, arrive here and feed the youth and women with drugs. People dont understand the essence of this strategy - the nation that destroys its younger generation and women is as good as dead. Women and youth are our only reproductive section of our country, you destroy that, you destroy the nation. Denying us education is another careful plan. That is is why we do not know as a country what is good for our education system for our youth to fix our economy. I am wondering at those countries who were so quick to say they are deporting their people who are here in the country, the key question is whether the situation which led to them running away from their countries has changed for the better because frankly speaking nothing has changed if not worse. They will deport them this week and the following week they will be here again. African leaders must sort out their problems and stop blaming South Africa while we are only correcting the things that are wrong in our country robing us of tax collection while killing our economy so that we can be like them. Frankly i dont understand why we have a convoy going throughout the continent apologizing for correcting and fixing our country. So there is no xenophobia in South Africa. Whoever is saying South Africans are xenophobic must provide hard evidence to back that up because i dont see it. All South Africans who are patriotic enough, please lets stand together and fix our country, get rid of all criminals in our country and those who live in the country illegally, those who deal in drugs and unlicensed weapons, those who cell counterfeit goods, those who do not pay tax and all the criminals.