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Tshikota residents continue to battle smelly problem

News - Date: 06 September 2020

Written by: Bernard Chiguvare / Viewed: 622


The Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) has still not attended to the desperate pleas of six families from Tshikota who have been affected by sewage flowing through their properties. The situation has been like this since the week before the country went into lockdown.

This despite a promise made by Matodzi Ralushai, spokesperson of the VDM in mid-August, who then said that he would visit the affected families to check out the extent of the problem.

“The sewage is making staying at our places very uncomfortable,” said Christopher Tshivhule, a member of one of the affected families.

Limpopo Mirror called the affected families on Monday, 31August, to try and establish the latest news regarding their situation. Nothing seems to have changed.

Tendai Mutsana, who stays at house 1054, said that he had covered the leaking area with pieces of zinc, wood, and bricks, but the smell still affected them badly. “This leakage is inside the yard and next to the place where I sleep. I cannot run away from the smell since this is the only home I have. My other challenge is that we have children and it becomes very difficult to restrict them to stay indoors. Once they go outside, they play in the sewage and this is a health hazard,” said Mutsana.

Among the affected families is an elderly woman who stays next to Class Macheke. He said that she stayed alone most of the time, because her children and grandchildren had sought alternative places to stay. “It is really not going well with our neighbour. The toilet is always overflowing. Her siblings no longer feel safe staying at the place. It is very unhealthy and not safe for her to use a bush toilet,” said Macheke.


Tendai Mutsana shows the sewage flowing through his yard. He covered the source with bricks, wood, and zinc.



Bernard Chiguvare

Bernard Chiguvare is a Zimbabwean-born journalist. He writes mainly for the online publication, Groundup.


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