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Six learners of Jim Chavani Secondary die in accident

News: 22 April 2021 By Silas Nduvheni

A sombre mood hangs over the Jim Chavani Secondary School in Xikundu village outside Malamulele, following a horrific car crash in which six of the school’s pupils were killed and eight seriously injured.

Vyf wag steeds om borgaansoeke te bring

News: 22 April 2021 By Andries van Zyl

Vyf van die ses jongmense van Louis Trichardt wat voorverlede week gearresteer is op ‘n string klagte, wat insluit inbrake by wonings en besighede, onwettige jag en selfs die besit van ‘n gesteelde vuurwapen, was teen druktyd steeds in aanhouding gewees.

Modillane's beautiful art scooped up by top collectors

News: 18 April 2021 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Thabo Modillane is an accomplished local artist, whose beautiful creations find their way to the walls of more and more great offices in cities, homes, and schools across the country.

Valdezia clinic in a “sorry state without proper supplies”

News: 18 April 2021 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

After numerous complaints were received about poor conditions at the Valdezia clinic, Limpopo Mirror recently set out to investigate. Upon arrival, the clinic was found in a worrying state of neglect and a serious shortage of staff. One registered nurse with one assistant nurse was serving an entire village. The clinic also does not operate at night.

IsAbility working hard to better many lives

News: 17 April 2021 By Andries van Zyl

Over the last couple of years, the IsAbility Sports Club Limpopo has made great strides in bettering the lives of both local athletes and people with physical impairments. With the aim of bringing everyone up to date with the club’s various projects, the club hosted a sponsors’ evening at the Soutpansberg Golf Club last Friday.

“We don't want foreigners here,” say Mulodi villagers

News: 16 April 2021 By Silas Nduvheni

A Zimbabwean family had to vacate their house at Mulodi village near Thengwe after angry community members had set it on fire. The villagers turned on foreigners, following the death of a young man earlier this month.

Bullied to death?

News: 16 April 2021 By Maanda Bele

A 15-year-old girl from Mbilwi Secondary School was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the bullying incident that played out at the school on Monday. A young learner from the same school, who was the victim of the assault, allegedly committed suicide on Monday afternoon.

Tonge gons ná arrestasies

News: 16 April 2021 By Andries van Zyl

Die arrestasie van vyf van Louis Trichardt se jongmense op klagte wat verband hou met ‘n reeks inbrake by wonings en besighede, onwettige jag en selfs die besit van ‘n gesteelde vuurwapen, het die afgelope week behoorlik tonge aan die gons.

Fake report of “erupting volcano” at Matangari causes panic

News: 15 April 2021 By Maanda Bele

Fake reports of a volcano erupting at Matangari village, not far from Thohoyandou, caused panic last Thursday. A video showing the mountain spewing out lava spread like wildfire on social media and caused people from across the country to enquire whether friends and relatives in the area were safe.

Fate of abducted businessman remains uncertain

News: 15 April 2021 By Andries van Zyl

The fate of well-known Louis Trichardt businessman Mr Shyam Premjee remains uncertain almost a week after he was violently abducted in a quiet residential area of Louis Trichardt on his way to work.

Nemafhohoni responds to his dreams and keeps culture alive

News: 11 April 2021

“My father, Jack Nemafhohoni, died in 1969, but in 2014 he appeared in my dreams, instructing me to establish a traditional garden where I should plant indigenous plants to produce traditional, home-made utensils. I took it very seriously because in our culture, you have to respect what the dead communicate to you in a dream.”

Seipati is a Mrs SA semi-finalist

News: 10 April 2021 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

When entering any beauty pageant, a woman must look past the fear of not making it all the way to the spotlight. In fact, one must have great courage, combined with beauty and intelligence.

Golden handshake for former MM of Collins Chabane

News: 10 April 2021

Confirmation was received the past week that the former municipal manager of the Collins Chabane Municipality had indeed received a “golden handshake” after being suspended for her involvement in the VBS Mutual Bank saga.

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Video: 07 December 2020 By Andries van Zyl

It was again time for local cyclists to unbox the Christmas lights and decorate their bicycles as part of the annual Jingle Bell Toy Ride in Louis Trichardt that took part on Friday, 4 December.