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'If you can dream it, I can sew it'

News: 19 September 2021 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Among the greatest concerns faced by South-Africans today is the scarcity of jobs that continues to be a major challenge for many people. That is why, when someone – especially someone from a rural area – manages to create a job for him- or herself that may even benefit another struggling person, a sense of hope rises.

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Another chapter in Venda pension fund saga

News: 28 August 2021 By Anton van Zyl

The thousands of former members of the Venda Pension Fund will hopefully soon hear what direction this case is taking and whether they can expect payment of much-needed funds in the immediate future.

Developers propose massive dams to feed MMSEZ monster

News: 28 August 2021 By Andries van Zyl

The findings of a second research report dealing with the water requirements of the proposed Musina Makhado Special Economic Zone (MMSEZ) was recently made available during a virtual media launch on 12 August. The report once again highlights the fact that the MMSEZ developers refuse to acknowledge that just not enough water is available in the area to support a project of this magnitude.

'Please don't use my good name to scam people'

News: 27 August 2021 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Actress Millicent Makhado, who has graced many TV soapies and dramas through the years, became the target of an unscrupulous fraudster who wanted to use her name to swindle money from her unsuspecting WhatsApp contacts.

Peaceful march blocked by 'drunken hooligans'

News: 27 August 2021 By Silas Nduvheni

What was supposed to be a peaceful march by concerned residents of Mukula Village on Saturday, 21 August, nearly ended up in chaos when a group of drunk people blocked the road to the entrance of the Mukula traditional leadership’s kraal.

Susters verloor ma twee weke na broer

News: 27 August 2021 By Pétria de Vaal

“Die plaas is nou leeg sonder haar en my boetie,” sê Marlize Breytenbach, dogter van Dorothea Meintjes, wat op 18 Augustus weens Covid-verwante komplikasies oorlede is. “Eers broer Pieter en nou ons ma - albei binne twee weke,” sê die bedroefde twee susters, Marlize en Jana.

Another fatal stabbing at local tavern

News: 27 August 2021 By Kaizer Nengovhela

A 21-year-old man allegedly stabbed and killed a 19-year-old man in the vicinity of a local tavern at Gogobole on Saturday (21st).

'We can't afford to play here'

News: 27 August 2021 By Kaizer Nengovhela

The three Vhembe-based teams playing in the GladAfrica league are considering moving their home matches elsewhere, because of the high rent charged by the Thulamela Municipality for using the Thohoyandou Stadium.

Husband arrested after 'cheating' wife dies

News: 27 August 2021 By Kaizer Nengovhela

A 42-year-old man from Tshiendeulu Thembaluvhilo and his 31-year-old cousin were arrested after they had allegedly beaten the man’s wife to death and severely assaulted her lover earlier this week.

Are some fibre users more equal than others?

News: 27 August 2021 By Anton van Zyl

For the past year, the residents of Louis Trichardt had to endure the activities of contractors installing fibre-optic infrastructure in town. Gardens were dug up and poles were planted in often the most inconvenient of places. “It is all for the greater good,” they were told, because it will bring faster Internet and it will allow everyone to benefit from the advantages of new technology.

Policeman kills wife, then turns gun on himself

News: 27 August 2021 By Kaizer Nengovhela

The relatives of a couple who died during a domestic-violence-related shooting incident at Vyeboom in Phalama Village are inconsolable with grief over the tragedy.

Couple burn to death after gunshots are heard

News: 26 August 2021 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Another case of what appears to have been domestic-violence related turned to tragedy when a couple burnt to death at a house in N’waxinyamani Village on Friday, 20 August.

Matric pupil charged with rape of 13-year-old girl

News: 26 August 2021 By Silas Nduvheni

The rape of a Grade 8 girl, who had allegedly been sexually abused over a period of time by a matric boy - both from Phophi Secondary School near Tshamulungwi village outside Thohoyandou - has caused yet another outburst of anger among schools and communities across the country.

New era in shopping convenience as KWIKSPAR opens

News: 26 August 2021 By Andries van Zyl

A new era in shopping convenience has dawned for many Louis Trichardt residents with the opening of a KWIKSPAR in the Da Silva complex in Krogh Street on 26 August (today). The opening of the store is the result of the entrepreneurial foresight of local businessman Mr Luke Enslin.

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Denzel wants to teach people about snakes

Video: 10 June 2021 By Maanda Bele

In African cultures, snakes are generally associated with witchcraft – a fact that does not improve the already frayed relationship between mankind and reptiles. However, within a certain African community in Vleifontein lives a man who regards himself as the exception to this cultural belief. In fact, Denzel Ncube’s fondness for these slithering reptiles is no secret. Ncube gives back to his community by educating the local people on the dangers as well as the beauty of snakes and what to do when confronted with them.