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Update on Vuwani

News in brief - Date: 04 April 2017

Written by: Isabel Venter / Viewed: 5661


Local police, deployed in the Vuwani area today, reported a “relatively quiet” situation with no new serious cases of violence.

According to a provincial police spokesperson, Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe, there was only the odd case of people throwing stones to passing vehicles.  Reports from Vuwani say that the town’s CBD is quiet, with most businesses still boarded up.

In the meantime, confirmed Ngoepe, the two suspects that were arrested on Monday are due to appear before the Malamulele Magistrate’s Court this afternoon on charges of malicious damage to property and incitement to commit public violence.

“Police investigations are still continuing and the situation is also still being monitored,” said Ngoepe on Tuesday morning.

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    Muvenda 14 months ago

    The Mutale people did not resist because people from Musina are not triabalists.

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    Muvenda 14 months ago

    Let those Malamuleles stay among themselves, people of Vuwani cannot be expected to stay with hardcore Tribalist called Tshangans. We are better off under Makhado Municipality. They know that without Vuwani, that so called new Municipality wont be viable as majority are unemployed and there will not be any tax base to fund the so called development and we cannot be used as cash cows for those people in Malamulele. I stay in Nzhelele but I support Vuwani people 100%. The government must incorporate their new Municipality into Giyani District and not Vhembe so that they can live with their fellow brothers and sisters and speak the same language. I am tired of these Tsonga bloggers who always utter triabalistis language. Maybe jelousy is also at the same

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    Lutendo Esrom 14 months ago

    In this case we dont have to take a side like what the demarcation board did. Lets start by reviewing our constitutional Institutions in chapter nine, what are their authorities?. Is the MDB one of those Institutions in Chapter 9, if yes its fine with their bias and sturboness decision, but if the answer is no WHY are they cementing and dectating on peoples power? the Large community of Vuwani was not and never requested the shift to new entity. But the push if we can take a mere look was done politically and to devide the peace land. The issue of Tribalism was there silently even before but this is not Tribalism. Political leaders who defeated politically rallied around to recruit then caused the mess. Taking into consideration the righjts in our own Constitution, Bill of Rights contained in Act 108 of 1996, allow me to reveal that we are all covered by this rights. Point of juncture, Malamulele people protested and maliciously vandalized some of the institutions around after the rejection of being non finacial viable to have Municipality. They voiced out of which we call democracy-and the were heard. (You speak,we listen and do what you insist). Are these rights for Malamulele people?. Fairly not! What about people from vuwani, are they not rights beneficiaries? POLITICAL MOTIVE BEHIND? They said people shall govern but today is other way round, People are governed. Lets rule off Tribalism because South Africa as a whole is diverse. People of VUWANI are right on what they are doing today for ears to listen like what Malamulele people did.

    last edited by Lutendo Esrom on 2017-04-06 09:00:51
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    Uncle Sol Mashimbye 14 months ago

    Let's be honest with ourselves,the reasons for this protests doesn't stick.two funny reasons are wreaking havoc to the ones peaceful community and now on the news for the wrong reasons,1.We were not consulted 2.We did not ask for a municipality.
    This issue's were born out after the creation of LIM345 and Vuwani with those reasons would vehemently deny to be part of a service delivery vehicle which is within Vembe and Venda speaking dominated at 67% of the population while Shangaan speaking at 24%, but we are still proud and 100% Vembeans.Guys you have the numbers in your favour so you don't have a reason to panic.Malamulele when they broke away from Thulamela they have genuine reasons for being denied services and they even proved that beyond one of Phalaphala FMs talkshows callers concurred though not aware that there are no roads infrastructure and services at lim345 and those are failures by Thulamela,so the point is Thulamela failed and it's failures can not be directed at LIM345.give LIM345 a chance as much as you have to "100% Makhado municipality" and if it's about services what has happened to the incomplete Masia sports complex that now resembles a grazing field.could it be that corruption is delivery according to Vuwani,come on guys give geniune reasons for your rejection than the camouflage reasons on the table now.I fully support you desire to belong to Makhado with no reservations as it's your democratic right but honest reasons please.But Mutale was dismantled and incorporated to Musina without consulted and did not ask for and no resistance,the government might have bitten more than they can chew.come next elections and the demarcation board rendered LIM345 unsustainable the protests will continue.

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Archive photo of last year's protest in Vuwani.



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