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First night in jail for three Limpopo lawmen

News in brief - Date: 26 October 2018

Written by: Andries van Zyl / Viewed: 14009


Three lawmen from Limpopo spent their first night in jail after a marathon eight-year-long court battle to get them convicted ended.

Former senior regional magistrate Tshirufho Ronnie Rambau (58), regional court prosecutor Estene Anver Willemse (42) and attorney Tivoneleni Edmond Lubisi (38) were sentenced by Magistrate Patterson in the Regional Court in Musina on Thursday, 25 October. They were already found guilty on charges of corruption in the same court on Thursday, 28 June, this year.

Rambau was accused of accepting a bribe to influence a court case. Lubisi and Willemse faced charges of corruption and conspiracy to commit corruption. They were arrested following a successful police undercover operation in February 2010.

Patterson on Thursday sentenced Rambau to 15 years imprisonment on two counts of corruption. Lubisi was also sentenced to 15 years, but on four counts of corruption. Willemse received a 10-year sentence on two counts of corruption. All sentenced will be served concurrently. The court also denied the three men leave to appeal against their sentences.

(A full report of this marathon court case will appear in next week’s newspaper).


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  • Avatar
    makhosini makhubele 23 days ago

    A book by Professor Mahmood Mamndani, "When victims becomes killers" is recommended for all Vhembe residents, both Tsonga and Venda needs to read this book...

  • Avatar
    makhosini makhubele 23 days ago

    And lastly, issues of tribalism in our region (Vhembe) is not a "contemporary legend", it is well and alive and keep on raising its ugly head now and again, the perpetrators of this outdated practice knows themselves and we also know them very well, they live amongst us...tribalism has destroyed 1 million lives in Rwanda in a space of less than 6-months, so I encourage all tribalists in Vhembe to watch a movie Hotel Rwanda, and also read the history of the genocide in Rwanda, once you have read a history on Rwandan genocide and have watch a movie Hotel Rwanda, you will completely stop your tribalism because that barbaric practice is very dangerous and no part of Africa wants to see "another Rwanda"...

  • Avatar
    makhosini makhubele 23 days ago

    Of course we all know that our constitutional rights to freedom of expression are not absolute and are limited by the very same constitution, but it will amount to censorship if the editors of a democratic newspaper remove comments on arbitrary matter how controversial comments are, it is undemocratic to sideline a person's thoughts without good grounds or justifications...if the readers comments states the truth, it is unreasonable for an editor to remove simply because he or she does not agree with them, codes of ethics for Journalism involve reporting without fear or favour...and making comments that are not humiliating other people,

  • Avatar
    Uncle Sol Mashimbye 23 days ago

    Thanks Makhosini, Msansis democracy dictate exactly as you have penned but not with Limpopo mirror, and the reason why I have to be careful.I can't recall the date but writing what is not palatable and can't be consumed by the powers that be, I will be risking my comments to be taken off and ghosts commentators invited to counter on my comments, my comments which I have forgotten the date, I commented on the report about a Chief traffic officer seconded to Collins Chabane and unfounded tribalism accusations labeled against Malamulele.My comments was immediately taken off, I wrote an email to mirror and I was promised it will be reinstated but never, so I have to be careful about what I discharge.
    And for your information I have been commenting online on this publication for a long time and at times lonely and it shouldn't be me who should have been treated like that.and lastly I have little knowledge about the does and dont's in this platform no wonder I'm cautious.

  • Avatar
    makhosini makhubele 24 days ago

    Uncle Sol, we are not living in the Republic of Zimbabwe under a cruel despotic leader called Robert Mugabe...where he made his people live in fear and terror for close to 40-years. We are living in Mzantsi's democracy where each one of us has a right to freedom of expression, if you think so and so has done something wrong in the eyes of the State and may be criminally charged, just drop their names here on this open forum, no one will victimize you for saying the truth...Those who stands accused of theft regarding VBS funds must be mentioned, they are not some types of a God whom we must bow down to, they are humans like me and you, irrespective of their positions, anyone can mentioned their names because this land does not belong to them only but to all of us, next time, if you this so and so is accused of wrong doing, just mentioned their names, it is not a criminal offence to say so and so is being accused of a crime, only in Zimbabwe can you really be terrified to drop people's names...

  • Avatar
    Uncle Sol Mashimbye 24 days ago

    This will not serve as a deterrent to would be corrupt government officials but also as a vote of confidence to the government of the day.justice is served across the board regardless of who you are, status or position you occupies, the sentencing happened just at the right time with those alleged to have swindled money for the poor at VBS are about to face the music.they must know that there is no amount of position in society or government that made one to be exempt from prosecution, this include the Ama-Xhosa king Dalidyembo who is currently serving his time.the fact that the three were not accorded the option to payback the money, it will apply to the great heist suspects.we are tired of those who claim to work hard when infect they are leaders by the day and criminals by night, they must be if successfully prosecuted and be found guilty be permanently removed from society.
    What do they think when they build Sinthumule-Kutama prison, they are now candidates to those prison walls.

    Never shall they chant "A looter Continua".

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Former regional magistrate Ronnie Rambau (left), ex-prosecutor Estene Willemse (middle) and attorney Tivoneleni Edmond Lubisi (right) spent their first night in jail after being sentenced to jail for 15, 10 and 15 years respectively by the Regional Court in Musina on Thursday, 25 October.



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