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 “Expose the drug lords” – Mayor Muhlope

News in brief - Date: 08 July 2019

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“The drug lords have no room in our community. Our call is, let us work together to expose the drug lords, so that they can be brought to book and serve long sentences behind bars because they don’t deserve to live in our communities.”

These were the words of Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, mayor of Musina. She was addressing community members, representatives of community structures and municipal stakeholders during the Musina Municipality’s mayoral imbizo that was held at Nancefield Extension 10 last Wednesday. 

“The scourge of alcohol and drug abuse, especially by our young people, is a serious concern to us. Alcohol, tobacco, dagga and other drugs affect our youth negatively. The use of these drugs has detrimental effects on the users’ health, which may turn out to be fatal. At the end of this long line is a drug dealer who is making money out of destroying young people’s futures. We must all stand up and fight against this practice that is destroying our community.”

Muhlope said during the current financial year, which started on Monday this week (1 July), the municipality would continue to provide free services to more than 3 000 indigent families at a cost of over R4 million. “These are the people whose joint family monthly income is R3 500 or less. Each beneficiary of the municipality’s indigent policy receives 6 kilolitres of water, 55 kilowatts of electricity and hundred percent free sewage and refuse removal services every month. We will continue to assist our indigent community members, so that they can also enjoy life like anyone else.”

However, Muhlope said, the municipality was unable to provide some of the services because of the high number of consumer debtors, whose debt stands at R48,3 million. “It is important that people should pay for services that they get from the municipality. If we don’t pay for services, it means that the coffers of the municipality will run dry and we will not be able to survive. We are continuously engaging defaulting community members to understand the value of paying for the services they get from the municipality.”


Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, mayor of Musina.




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