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Mayor applauds Nwanedi farmers for compliance

News in brief - Date: 05 July 2020

Written by: Silas Nduvheni / Viewed: 1259


Thulamela mayor Avhashoni Tshifhango said he was impressed with the way some farmers in Nwanedi were complying with the regulations as part of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mayor Tshifhango, who was accompanied by some members of the Vhembe Command Council Team, officials from the department of labour and the South African Police Services, visited Nwanedi Pack House, formerly Tshatale farm, now known as NJ Nesane Farm Services Pty Ltd to monitor compliance after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“We found out that some farmers here in Nwanedi were complying and advised those who didn’t comply to follow the requirements needed to fight the coronavirus. We also advised them to register, sanitise and screen clients who are visiting and purchasing vegetables and fruit on their farm, so that they can control any occurrence of the virus,” said Tshifhango.

Mr Sydney Chauke, business unit manager at the Nwanedi Pack House, said they appreciated the visit by the command team, and it would help them to understand compliance better. He added that they had not encountered any outbreak of the coronavirus.

‘We always observe and comply with the regulations as we sanitise, keep social distancing and register each client coming to our pack house. We have about 34 workers at Nwanedi Pack House and they help us in packaging vegetables, such as green peppers, gem squash, butternut, and tomatoes, among others, before they can be sent to various markets,” said Chauke.

Mr  Ntshavheni Nethanani of the Vhembe District Command Council told the farmers in Nwanedi that the council was not there to charge those farmers who did not comply, but to monitor and advise those who did not comply to do so as a better way of saving the lives of farmers and labourers.


From left to right:Mr Ntshavheni Nethanani of Vhembe District Command Council, Mr Khathutshelo Nesane, Thulamela Mayor Avhashoni Tshifhango and Mr Ntuseni Nesane, photographed during the visit to Dr NJ Nesane Farm Pty Ltd (formerly Tshatala Farm).



Silas Nduvheni


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