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Thulfa clubs must pay up now or face expulsion

Sport - Date: 19 June 2020

Written by: Frank Mavhungu / Viewed: 885


Clubs affiliated to the Thulamela Local Football Association (Thulfa) have until the 15th of next month to pay up their outstanding affiliation fees or else they will be expelled from the league.

According to the chairman of the association, Mr Ephraim “Makhanda” Singo, the nationwide lockdown that came into effect about three months ago has done the association more harm than good. Singo said that they normally allowed the clubs to pay half of their affiliation fees at the beginning of the season and gave them until the end of the first-round matches to settle their accounts. Singo said that most of the teams had been left with two matches to complete their first-round activities when the lockdown had been pronounced.

He revealed that the association was experiencing some financial constraints because of the lockdown. He further stated that the association’s full-time employees continued to receive their salaries every month after the lockdown. “Apart from the salary bill, there are other expenses like office rental, electricity and telephone bills that we incur each month,” he said.

The former professional referee further revealed that they relied on the affiliation fees to run the office. Singo also stated that his association managed to complete the current league programme, despite the fact that the South African Football Association,  together with the Premier Soccer League (PSL), was still to make an announcement regarding the resumption of the league activities.

According to Singo, the only thing that will be affected are the dates on which the league programme will be concluded. He stated that they would adjust their league programme after their mother body had made an announcement regarding the resumption of the league activities.

Singo further stated that their current league programme was likely to stretch until the end of November. He revealed that although their league programmes normally started in October and ended in June, it would still be possible for them to complete their current league programme within a reasonable time without affecting the programme ahead. He admitted, however, that it would not be possible for them to accommodate all tournaments and competitions they had staged in the previous years when circumstances had been normal.

He indicated that one of the lost tournaments would be the annual MTG/PIB KO competition because of the time already lost. According to him they should have started with the competition the first weekend of April. The final for the MTG/PIB KO competition should have been staged on Tuesday this week, 16 June.  He added that the Thulamela Mayoral Cup Tournament would not be staged this year either because of the lockdown.

Singo further said that the only competition they would be able to stage was the Mpho Mathoho Electrical KO competition. The competition will be staged at the end of the season as it is an off-season tournament.


Mr Ephraim “Makhanda” Singo.



Frank Mavhungu

Frank is a Human Resources Manager at the Department of Public Works in Limpopo. He is the longest serving correspondent of the Mirror, having joined us at the end of 1990.  He mainly writes sports reports and resides at Tsianda Village. In 2004, Frank won the National Castle League Award, an award for the best reporter in the SAB league in South Africa.


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