Mango Day 2019

From: 19 July 2019 at 06:00 AM

Until: 19 July 2019 at 17:00 PM

Location: Fairview Hotel, Tzaneen


The South African Mango Growers’ Association (SAMGA) will host its annual Mango Day this year again at the Fairview Hotel, Tzaneen. The event will take place on 19 July and will once more draw considerable local and international interest.

SAMGA said they were fortunate this year to have another international researcher presenting at the symposium. “Dr Yuval Cohen (above), of The Volcani Institute in Israel, will be our important guest speaker and will present on mango cultivars and trends in Israel’s mango-production industry,” said SAMGA in a press release.
This symposium serves as a forum for the sharing of research carried out on pest and disease management, chemicals, agricultural performance management, and new cultivar selections that are evaluated in all the production areas. Researchers, growers, and processors will not only benefit from the information shared but will also establish valuable networks.

SAMGA’s research projects are selected annually to address current production matters as well as future needs of the South African Mango Industry. “It is therefore essential to look beyond our borders and collaborate with other mango-producing countries to find solutions to problems and build a better industry. The annual mango day provides a platform to do this for the future benefit of our industry and its growers,” said Andre Botha, SAMGA’s technical coordinator.

To register for the symposium, contact Christa de la Port at Tel 015 307 3676 or via email at

Contact Person: Christa de la Port

Tel: 015 307 3676


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