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Young chef releases book with crispy recipes

Entertainment - Date: 23 July 2020

Written by: Mbulaheni Ridovhona / Viewed: 596


After four months of writing and editing, 20-year-old chef Tsunduka Peter Mtileni has finally released his debut book, The Kitchen Chef.

Mtileni, from Malamulele section B2, said the book contained guidelines on how to approach the kitchen and learn new recipes to apply at home. "It teaches about qualities you need to be a chef. You will find many African and western recipes in the book. You will learn more about cooking different meals for your family."

This 60-page book is easy to read and encourages the reader to try out new recipes. "I wrote this book to meet those who have a passion and desire for cooking and those who are clueless about how to learn cooking. I also wanted to share recipes with people who love cooking and want to improve their cooking skills," he said.

"I want to make sure that this book leaves someone with an understanding of cooking and also improves those who already have skill in the kitchen," the author said.

He became a full-time chef three years ago. "I started working in the kitchen as a young, unskilled man with a desire for cooking. After honing my kitchen skills, I decided to be a full-time chef. I love working with food," he said.

For one to be an excellent chef, "you have to be skilful, learn to work under pressure, be creative and also be able to handle criticism", he said.

If you want to better your cooking skills and are interested in the book, he can be reached at 060 702 9114.


Young chef Tsunduka Peter Mtileni. Photo supplied.



Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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