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Netshirembe returns with another hit album

Entertainment: 22 May 2022

“A skilful hunter lived in a deep rural village with his three wives. He used to go to the bush to hunt khambas (tortoises), which he enjoyed alone without sharing them with his wives. One day, after returning from one of his hunting trips, he found that one of his khambas had been stolen and eaten. He confronted all his wives, who denied eating the khamba, and the man became very angry. He went to the local river and, over some days, made a thin bridge out of wood. He then took his wives along to cross the river. As they reached the middle of the river on the makeshift bridge, the wife who ate the khamba fell into the river and was swept away; her body was never recovered.”   

Jonah Moyo is now teaching music in Zim

Entertainment: 21 May 2022

What happened to Vhembe’s tshingondo (rhumba) megastar, Jonah Moyo? This is the question that music lovers have been asking themselves for the past two years. The answer is that Moyo has been travelling around the world, making music with his band, the Devera Ngwena Jazz Band.

Queen Popoo takes another step up the music ladder

Entertainment: 21 May 2022 By Bernard Chiguvare

Popular hip-hop singer, Fhatuwani Dzhadzhi (27), fondly known as Queen Popoo, released her third 14-track album, called Ndo tshinyani? (What have I done?), on 5 May.

Ronewa gives gospel musicians a platform to promote talents

Entertainment: 20 May 2022 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Gospel singer Ronewa Mukheli of Lwamondo outside Louis Trichardt has travelled a hard road to get where he is today. The 30-year-old gospel musician, better known as ‘Muloshi’, has three successful albums under his belt today, but this, he says, did not come overnight. He went through some real struggles before his music was even heard, so he knows about the challenges aspiring musicians are faced with. His own hardships to make it in the music industry convinced him to help others, so they do not have to go through the same ordeals.

Kode La Mayor creates unique sound

Entertainment: 20 May 2022 By Thembi Siaga

Veteran reggae icon Colbert Mukwevho’s son, Junior Mukwevho, aka Kode La Mayor, is fast becoming a renowned musician in his own right. He is a raw Trap rapper, channelling his experiences into his music that lends a uniqueness to his sound.

Shirley Mudau publishes first book of short stories

Entertainment: 19 May 2022 By Maanda Bele

At age 53, Azwindini Shirley Mudau from Mvuso Park in Thohoyandou is very proud to have finally published her first Tshivenda book of short stories, titled Naledzi Masase.

The dressmaker from Elim

Entertainment: 15 May 2022 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Ethel Ramalira, a resident at Mpheni Block B1 in Elim, has never been formally employed, but she has managed to raise her children and feed her family on the income she generates from making traditional outfits.

Clay allows Mudau to make a living from her creativity

Entertainment: 15 May 2022 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Ms Johanna Mudau of Mukondeni village has found solace in making clay pots. Not only does this trade allow her to be creative, but it also enables her to make a living for herself in a time when poverty is rife – especially in the rural areas.

Muloshi Trevor shares the message of Love

Entertainment: 14 May 2022 By Thembi Siaga

Trevor Muloshi wants to use his gospel music to share his message of the greatness of God’s love. The emerging Gospel singer is set to debut his single track, called Elelwa (Remember), on all streaming platforms before the end of this month.

Radzilani publishes his special collection of poems

Entertainment: 14 May 2022 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Thomas Radzilani of Phiphidi is an introspective motivational speaker, hilarious master of ceremonies and a respected author, and he has just published his sixth book – a collection of poems, called Gwala la Covid-19.

Botswana, here I come!

Entertainment: 13 May 2022

Only two months have passed since Mpho Majiga presented his hot disco album, called I’m back, to the world, and the artist is already riding the crest of success. The album was released at the end of March this year in honour of late disco icon Dan Tshanda.

Ndou nominated for Best Rhumba award

Entertainment: 12 May 2022 By Bernard Chiguvare

Consistently spending time on what one likes best always pays dividends. At least, this is what composer, songwriter, guitarist, dancer and singer from Musina Bernard Tshibemuda Ndou believes and has applied to his own life. This may very well also be the reason why he was recently nominated as contender in the Best Rhumba Album category in the 2022 Amaqhawanentaba Music Awards. 

Mukumela knows how to juggle his diverse careers

Entertainment: 08 May 2022

Maanda Stanley Singo Mukumela’s fans become all excited when they see him on their television sets, but a whole other side to their favourite drama actor exists as well. In real life, Mukumela, who hails from Ngwenani ya Ha-Mapholi village outside Thohoyandou, is also a dedicated police officer and worker’s union representative.

Mudau has been part of Musina FM for 13 years

Entertainment: 07 May 2022

Over the past 13 years, Freddy Mulambilu Mudau, better known as ‘Muduhulu wa dzindau dza Afrika’, has seen all the comings and goings at local community radio station Musina FM. While other presenters and members of the management team joined and left the station again, Mudau has stuck it out and still loves what he does, just as he did when he first went on air in 2009.

Barbara Masekela wants to inspire a reading culture

Entertainment: 06 May 2022 By Thembi Siaga

With World Book and Copyright Day celebrated across the globe on 23 April, South African poet, educator, mother and activist Miss Barbara Masekela (81) launched her first book, titled Poli Poli.

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