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'If you can dream it, I can sew it'

News: 19 September 2021 By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Among the greatest concerns faced by South-Africans today is the scarcity of jobs that continues to be a major challenge for many people. That is why, when someone – especially someone from a rural area – manages to create a job for him- or herself that may even benefit another struggling person, a sense of hope rises.

Pastor Rufus Maphula is back with another inspiring book

Entertainment: 19 September 2021 By Frank Mavhungu

After a six-month hiatus, Pastor Rufus Maphula has made a comeback with another inspiring book, Principles for Youth Success. According to Maphula, the book is fast becoming a best-seller even though it has been on the bookshops’ shelves for about three weeks only.

Zwanga shines at World Knowledge Olympiad

News in brief: 19 September 2021 By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Zwanga Murathi (14), a Grade 8 pupil at Bryanston High School in Sandton, Johannesburg, bubbled over with joy and excitement after he was recently announced third-place winner in the national World Knowledge Olympiad.

'Let us not change our culture,' says young author

Entertainment: 19 September 2021 By Bernard Chiguvare

Culture is something that must be passed on from generation to generation lest we lose our identity as African people, says Phophi Ndou, a resident from Mauluma Zone 4 village who has authored a book titled Murafho wo vhilinganaho (the messed-up generation).

Muvex brings FOTYA award home

News in brief: 18 September 2021 By Maanda Bele

“This is overwhelming indeed,” said the humble young CEO of Muvex ICT, Khuliso Excellent Muvhango. He was responding to the news that he had won the FOYA (Founder of the Year) Africa Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 award.

Operation Letsema Ditseleng rolled out

News in brief: 18 September 2021 By Silas Nduvheni

The MEC for Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure, Mr Namane Dickson Masemola, has urged beneficiaries of the roads maintenance and rebuilding programme (labour-intensive road revitalisation and job creation) around Mashau and Bungeni in the Collins Chabane Municipality to work hard in rebuilding the rain-damaged roads, so that motorists and communities can travel safely.

Vha Bisha keeps House music alive

Entertainment: 18 September 2021

“Those who thought that House music was on its way out, should think twice,” says Phumudzo Nthatheni, a local musician from Khubvi village, better known as Vha Bisha.

Missing woman's remains get a proper burial

News: 18 September 2021 By Godfrey Mandiwana

The skeleton of a 39-year-old woman, Tirhani Mavis Mathebula of Xigalo village who was secretly buried behind her lover’s house, received a proper burial on Tuesday.

'Revised plan' for SEZ

News: 18 September 2021 By Andries van Zyl

Interested and affected parties (IAP) have been granted an additional round of public-participation meetings to voice their objection or support for the government’s highly contentious Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone (MMSEZ) just north of the Soutpansberg.


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Where: Louis Trichardt Krieketklub
Start: 24 Sep
Braai Bowls-Dag
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Start: 24 Sep  (09:00 AM)
Wees Deel Van Die Oplossing
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Baptist Church Take-Away
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Denzel wants to teach people about snakes

Video: 10 June 2021 By Maanda Bele

In African cultures, snakes are generally associated with witchcraft – a fact that does not improve the already frayed relationship between mankind and reptiles. However, within a certain African community in Vleifontein lives a man who regards himself as the exception to this cultural belief. In fact, Denzel Ncube’s fondness for these slithering reptiles is no secret. Ncube gives back to his community by educating the local people on the dangers as well as the beauty of snakes and what to do when confronted with them.