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A dream to establish an old age home

News: 24 June 2019

Sybil Kubayi, a nurse at the Nkhensani Clinic in Chavani village, is chasing her dream. Her dream, however, does not focus on her own needs but rather on those of the pensioners in her community. She wants to provide a safe haven for them where they are properly being cared for.

Sedzi Bi is a top entertainer

Entertainment: 24 June 2019

When he is walking down the street, you might think he is just an ordinary young man because he does not have a distinctive posture. The moment he sits behind the microphone, you will fully enjoy the thrilling entertainment of radio.

The story of a street child

News: 24 June 2019 By Bernard Chiguvare

“How old are you?” I asked the young man sitting near the dumpster at the Shoprite centre in Louis Trichardt. Earlier he had told me that his name was Brightmore Mukaranga*.

Lifetime achievement award for Musina businessman

News: 23 June 2019

“There is nothing more fulfilling than being honoured by your own people when you are still alive. This clearly demonstrates that people value the contributions that you do when you are on this earth. My contributions are not for a name or fame; I just feel that one should be part of the community that you live in.”


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Holistic Health Fair
Where: The Hangar in Haenertsburg
Start: 29 Jun  (08:00 AM)
End:  30 Jun  (21:00 PM)
Tennis Doubles Tournament
Where: The Louis Trichardt Tennis Club
Start: 06 Jul  (08:00 AM)
End:  06 Jul  (23:00 PM)
Swannies Racing Series
Start: 06 Jul  (09:00 AM)
End:  06 Jul  (18:00 PM)
Vlu Aandblomtak Vergader
Where: Louis Trichardt Rolbalklub
Start: 09 Jul  (18:00 PM)
End:  09 Jul  (23:00 PM)
SPCA Holds Agm
Start: 11 Jul  (18:30 PM)
End:  11 Jul  (23:00 PM)
Blouberg Mtb Adventure.
Where: Game Reserve
Start: 12 Jul  (05:00 AM)
End:  14 Jul  (22:00 PM)

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