'Men should be able to talk about abuse and face life'

News: 25 February 2024 By:

The role of churches should shift from solely focusing on private spiritual matters to a focus on public social issues. This is the view of Mr Enos Magwabeni, a human-rights activist from Tshilamba outside Thohoyandou.

Residents threaten not to vote if the sewer is not fix

News in brief: 24 February 2024 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Businesspeople who ply their trades and workers and shoppers who frequent Thohoyandou’s CBD are threatening to withdraw their voting power, following a sequence of burst sewerage pipes in the town over the past few months that they claim the municipality neglects to fix properly. People are complaining about the rivers of stinking human waste that flow through the streets, which have become a source of great discomfort for shoppers and the cause of hawkers’ and businesses’ losing their precious income.

Masindi case likely to introduce new era of customary law

News: 24 February 2024 By Anton van Zyl

The court battle currently playing out to determine who should be the king or queen of the VhaVenda may very well introduce a new era of customary law in South Africa. At the heart of the case are issues such as whether only male contenders are allowed to rule and whether known fraudsters should be contenders for the highest title. It also addresses the issue of whether the courts should assist in developing customary law in cases where the various kingdoms neglect to do so to bring it in line with the country’s constitution.

Residents of Hanthabalala forced to drink from dirty river

News in brief: 24 February 2024 By Thembi Siaga

The residents of Hanthabalala village are struggling with a severe water shortage that has persisted for over 15 years, forcing them to use dirty, contaminated water from a river. Several dysfunctional boreholes and a lack of viable alternatives force the more than 4,000 households to travel several kilometres to fetch water from a nearby river.

Tata ma millions, tata ma chances of rural sport stars

News: 24 February 2024 By Anton van Zyl

In Louis Trichardt, two young cyclists are training to compete in what is arguably the world’s toughest mountain-bike stage race, the annual Cape Epic. They aim to make history as the first  team from Vhembe to compete alongside the world’s best mountain bike riders. Their biggest challenge, however, is to find sponsorship to cover their cost of travelling to Cape Town, something that would not have been necessary if the funds allocated for cycling development in Limpopo had not been stolen.

Ring announcer believes state of boxing is deteriorating

Sport: 24 February 2024 By Victor Mukwevho

Mr Mashudu Siaga, one of the best boxing-ring announcers in the country and the first professional ring announcer in Limpopo, believes that the standard of boxing in the country is deteriorating.

Pro boxers warned not to take part in musangwe fights

Sport: 23 February 2024 By Victor Mukwevho

Local boxing trainer-manager John “Smoking Joe” Nemakonde has warned professional boxers who participate in traditional fist-fighting tournaments (musangwe) as well as street fighting bouts to stop doing so with immediate effect. Nemakonde was responding to allegations that some of his boxers were spotted participating in musangwe tournaments.

Female security guard shot dead on her way home

News: 23 February 2024 By Thembi Siaga

A 36-year-old female security guard from Tshino Ndiitwani outside Vuwani was shot and killed on her way back from work on Friday, 16 February, at around 21:00. The incident happened at a soccer field, approximately 100 metres away from her house.




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