Mathilda now finds her fulfilment in making wood furniture

News: 03 December 2023 By: Elmon Tshikhudo

Mathilda Avhashoni Mamatseane once had a comfortable job at one of South Africa’s top banks. Then Covid-19 hit the world, and many jobs were shed. She, too, became one of the casualties. Faced with an uncertain future characterised by abject poverty and boredom, the 34-year-old resident from Gondeni la Mabilu, outside Thohoyandou, who suffers from a lame leg, could not bear it. To counter this, she took up woodcraft as a hobby, and today, she owns her own woodcraft company called Mathilda Mamatseane Creations.

Mulamuleli makes it to the final of Miss Congeniality 2023

News: 03 December 2023 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Mulamuleli Nemanganya, a visually impaired woman from Tshikota, has made the final in the Miss Congeniality 2023 pageant. The 22-year-old comes from a poor background and lives with her family of four, who all depend on her disability grant. Despite her circumstances and being blind, she has many plans for the future and hopes to represent her province in the Miss SA competition one day.

Ghandlanani residents fed-up with lack of water

News: 02 December 2023 By Thembi Siaga

Frustration over the lack of clean drinking water for nearly a month reached boiling point for the residents of Mavambe, Ghandlanani, in Malamulele on Monday, 20 November, when they took matters into their own hands by shutting down the Malamulele Water Treatment Scheme.

Tendani's virtual fitness challenge helps everybody to stay fit

Sport: 02 December 2023 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Tendani Phunyuku, a resident from Nzhelele, has come up with a very exciting concept to promote health and fitness, called #TendiChasingChallenge – a virtual sporting event where people from around the world can participate in different sporting codes in their respective provinces.

Teams start to prepare for Nedbank Cup fixtures

Sport: 02 December 2023 By Frank Mavhungu

Teams campaigning in the Motsepe Foundation Championship League are preparing for the Nedbank Cup Tournament’s preliminary-round matches. Five matches will be played next Tuesday (05 December), while the remaining three are scheduled for the following day.

Chief Mpofu turns to the court to get control of his land

News: 02 December 2023 By Anton van Zyl

A rather desperate and lonely fight is playing out in the Thohoyandou High Court, involving a traditional leader who has effectively been stripped of his powers, with no say as to what is happening on his land. 

Nemutanzhela ready for professional ranks

Sport: 02 December 2023 By Victor Mukwevho

Tshilamba-based, up-and-coming boxer Adivhaho Nemutanzhela expresses his gratitude for local veteran boxing trainer Mr John “Smoking Joe” Nemakonde, who has already organised his first professional boxing fight since he joined the trainer’s boxing stable earlier this year. Nemutanzhela is scheduled to fight Zweli Nhlapo in Mpumalanga on 15 December.




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