The voice behind Musina FM's advertisements

Entertainment - Date: 16 June 2022

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Joe Maila is the brains behind local community radio station Musina FM’s advertisements. Not only does he produce the majority of the advertisements, he also does most of the voice-overs and final mixing himself.

“When you produce and do voice-overs for advertisements, you need to be very creative because you must come up with something new every day. Some advertisers come to the studio without knowing what exactly they need, so you have to take time to engage with them in order to produce something that will make them happy,” he explains.

Maila also produces and presents the radio station’s sports show between 19:00 and 20:00 on weekdays. When he joined Musina FM in February last year, he started by presenting their current-affairs programme, Tshidziki tsha mafhungo, which airs between 18:00 and 19:00 from Monday to Friday. “I moved to the sports desk earlier this year because I have a passion for sports. I used to play hockey while I was still a learner at the local Eric Louw High School. Besides that, I closely follow various sporting codes, which gives me in-depth knowledge on different subject matters,” he said.

Maila’s busy day begins at the crack of dawn each morning. He rises at 05:00 and starts getting ready for the day ahead. “At 07:00, I do my formal work as administration officer at the Rihoshiba Private School. At 14:00, I start with extra maths and science lessons for young learners around Musina. By 17:00, I start working on advertisements and production for my sports show, and this is how my work day ends.”


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Joe Maila’s voice is behind many of the advertisements broadcast on Musina FM. He also presents the radio station's sports show.





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