Mu Africa Marko plays his favourite instrument, the bass guitar, during a live performance. Photo: Elmon Tshikhudo.

Rhumba maestro Mu Africa Marko is back with a bang


Rhumba maestro Marko Clement Simbine, known by the stage name Mu Africa Marko and the More Fire Big Machine, has come a long way since the start of his music journey. Originally from Mozambique but now residing in Matsila village, the artist was drawn to music early in life.

One day, when Marko was a boy, his father, Mr Tobias Simbine, who worked in South Africa at the time, brought a gramophone home and played music by well-known Zimbabwean artists such as Joanah Moyo and many others. That the young Marko left his home in 1997 and joined the Ruvaranwana Express music group as a dancer was not surprising.

During his time as a dancer for the group, Marko developed a love for the guitar and soon began playing. In 2000, realising his musical prowess, he and his uncle, Mr Velaphi Nyatsumba, left Mozambique for South Africa to purchase their own instruments.

Once in South Africa, Marko joined a rhumba band led by the popular musician Amos Ngomane. In 2006, he managed to buy his own instruments and started his own band. His first album, “Volume 1 Movondzo,” was released in 2007, and he went on to release seven more albums. His latest album, “Volume 9 Vhutshilo,” was released in December last year.

On 24 September this year, his upcoming Limpopo tour was launched in his hometown of Hamatsila. He took his fans down memory lane, playing tracks from his early albums as well as the more recent ones. The title track on his album, “Vhutshilo,” was a great hit with his fans, who danced and sang along with him. Marko made a lasting impression as he had them eating out of his hand.

“We are going back to our roots, so that the fans can enjoy seeing their favourite artists playing instruments. We are taking the music to the people, and we will be all over the province. Dates and venues will be announced soon, and those who will be attending our shows will have the chance to listen to our brand-new album, which will be released soon,” he said.


Entertainment - Date: 06 October 2023

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