Tsonga rapper Nebo Sixfour has released a fresh new single, titled “Mbilu Rivalela”, featuring Suju Maggz. Photo supplied.

Nebo Sixfour's new song is about forgiveness after betrayal


Tsonga rapper Wisani Nebodzandala, better known as Nebo Sixfour, from Elim Mabobo, has released his latest single, “Mbilu Rivalela”, featuring Nsuku Mageza, aka Suju Maggz, from Elim Pastral.

The song was released on Sunday, 8 October, and directly translated means “Heart Forgive”. According to Nebo Sixfour, it reflects on the aftermath of betrayal and the emotions that go with it, and the importance of forgiveness.

Nebo Sixfour’s passion for music began early in his life. He was one of those boys who entertained his classmates at Djunane High School. He started off by producing a 14-track album, titled “Nkelunkelu”, which includes the song “Xiluva” (featuring Emcstyle SA), and other singles. These releases have made him quite popular within the music industry.

“Mbilu Rivalela” tells the story of two close friends: one achieving significant success before the other and turning his back on his friend. “The one friend genuinely celebrates the other’s success, while the other no longer checks up on him or keeps in touch. This causes him heartache and pain, because his friend knows where he comes from and what his situation is. It’s not about jealousy, but sadness. That’s why the song is titled ‘Mbilu Rivalela’,” he said.

Nebo Sixfour’s music often revolves around real-life situations that resonate with thousands of his fans. Before releasing a song, he engages with them to gauge their interest and excitement over an upcoming project to ensure they know what to expect when the song is finally released.

He is currently diligently working on recording his first EP, titled “Nebo Sixfour & Friends”.


Entertainment - Date: 22 October 2023

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