Dr Lutendo Rhinah Singo published her second book, “A Perseverance Journey: Breaking Barriers with a Disability”, last month. Photo supplied.

Deaf author inspire others

Entertainment - Date: 22 October 2023


At the age of 7 years, while doing her Substandard B (now Grade 2), Lutendo Rhinah Singo became deaf, and communicating with other people has been a challenge all her life. Yet, this did not stop her from pursuing her goals in life and, against all odds, the Mukumbani-born woman managed to finish matric and went on to university, where she obtained an honours degree, a master’s degree, and eventually her PhD. She also authored two motivational books that were inspired by her own life experiences as someone who suffers from bilateral deafness.

Her first book, “Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability: My Story of Hope and Encouragement”, was published in 2020. “The book was brought about by personal experiences that I have encountered in my life as I grew up with a severe to profound hearing impairment, which has not been an easy journey for me. The book encourages people with disabilities to love and accept themselves, irrespective of their disabilities,” she said.

Her second book, “A Perseverance Journey: Breaking Barriers with a Disability”, was published last month. “The book is meant to encourage, guide, inspire, and sympathise with graduates who want to do their PhD, as well as those who have already started this journey but find it hard to keep up with the progress. The book also encourages them to live, think, act, and plan beyond their disabilities, irrespective of the everyday challenges their disabilities may bring. The book further seeks to educate people to embrace those living with disabilities of various kinds and acknowledge that a disability is not a disease and can therefore not be used as an excuse not to realise their dreams,” she said.

Singo said that, although her academic journey had not been smooth sailing, she had kept pushing forward. “My PhD study was challenging from start to finish. At one point I even contemplated dropping out, but I persevered because I wanted to achieve my goal. This book will inspire others to never give up on their dreams,” she said.


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