Nduvho Netshituni with some of his impressive pencil drawings. Photo supplied.

Local pencil artist inspires youth to pursue their dreams

Entertainment - Date: 11 November 2023


To keep himself busy, Nduvho Netshituni, originally from the rural village of Khwekhwe outside Louis Trichardt, started drawing his friends and other famous people. That is how everything began for him. Today, he is earnestly working towards realising his dream of becoming a renowned pencil artist.

Netshifhefhe (21), who now lives in Soweto, developed an interest in art at an early age. When he was a young learner at Nyamuliwani Primary School, he would draw pictures of anything that caught his eye, from people to cars and animals. Moving on to Tondalushaka Secondary School, he started to spend more and more of his free time sitting and drawing. Some might say he became a little obsessed with this craft, but by the time he reached Grade 9, the growing load of schoolwork eventually forced him to take a break and concentrate more on his studies.

“It was by chance in 2020, when I moved to Melton Mpfumedzeni Secondary School, that I met another master in the fine arts, Mr Ofhani Mantsa. The guy, whom I regard as my role model, inspired me immensely and assured me that I have what it takes to become a good pencil artist. He took me under his wing, teaching me the ropes of fine art. My close association with him also afforded me opportunities to meet other celebrated artists from around Vhembe,” he said.

Netshituni is certain that his dream of succeeding in this field is slowly but surely becoming a reality for him. “I am very motivated, and I am still learning the finer aspects of the art from this man. I am also learning portrait sketching from the Internet,” he said.

To supplement his art training, he is currently also pursuing an N4 tourism course at the Molapo TVET College in Soweto.

His message to up-and-coming artists is this: “Do not despair and give up on your dreams. Keep being creative in what you are good at. One day, it will make sense. No one believed in me when I started, but today I am almost there, and people are beginning to take notice. I have high hopes of reaching my goal as an artist,” he said.


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