Phathutshedzo Raphalalani displays his self-made guitar.

Young Phathu loves to play for the Lord


Nine-year-old Phathutshedzo Raphalalani from Khubvi is causing a stir in his village as well as nearby villages with his remarkable musical prowess.

The young lad, who is a Grade 4 learner at Mbulu Primary School, says he used to watch on television as musicians played their different instruments when he was just a little boy of four, and that was what sparked his interest.  “Watching drummers playing fascinated me. I collected old tins and made my own drums, which I played under the tree every day on returning home from school. When I was skilled enough on the drums, I felt I had to try other musical instruments, so I made my own guitar and taught myself how to play it too,” he said.

Phathutshedzo is now also a proud member of his church’s band. “I play the drums in the band. The electrical guitar is still too heavy for me, but I play it during practise sessions.”

When asked if he would like to be a full-time musician in the future, he said he only wanted to play music to praise the Lord. “I would like to be a doctor, but I also want to have my own band, so that I can always sing for the Lord,” he said.


Entertainment - Date: 03 December 2023

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