The popular Deejay Khoro seen spinning the discs during a recent gig. Photo: Deejay Khoro.

DJ Khoro makes a triumphant comeback

Entertainment - Date: 14 June 2024


Well-known entertainer Deejay Khorommbi Makhavhu has made a rather quiet return, following a hiatus of almost six years.

Makhavhu last performed in 2018, and many of his fans speculated about what might have happened to him. The good news is that he is still around and even performed at a gig on Sunday, 2 May, at Shuma Park in Shayandima. He caused a lot of excitement when he performed alongside another popular entertainer, Deejay Ganyane.

When asked why he had taken such a long break, the 48-year-old deejay from Itsani was quick to point out that he had become tired of the life that entertainers were forced to live. It entails sleepless nights at clubs and long travels to venues.

“I have been in the game for a long time, having started in 1997 during the cassette era, where I performed at beauty contests and parties. Around 1998, we moved on to CDs, and then vinyl made a return in 2001. Those were the times,” he reminisced.

Makhavhu still recalls many of the highlights during this period. “I performed at all the big events like the Univen Freshers Ball, Royal Gardens, and almost all colleges in Limpopo. I performed at Club 930 in Hoedspruit and at Black Leopards and TTM FC’s games, among others,” he said.

He also played alongside the country's great Deejays, with names such as Black Coffee, Oskido, Deejay Tira, and Deejay Cleo.

In 2009, together with his friend Castro Musinyali, Makhavhu started a project where they trained inmates at the Thohoyandou Correctional Centre to become Deejays. Some of those they trained have come out of prison and are doing well in the industry.

“After those many tiresome years, I decided to quit and venture into the taxi industry. I also own the MK Car Wash, MK Spaza Shop and Eating House at Shayandima Zone 10. But my fans would not let me rest,” he said.

Makhavhu assured his fans that they need not worry. “I am still the same Deejay Khoro they got to know.”


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