Uncle Sol Mashimbye 8 months ago

This is a great concern and it's a crisis, and it is evident by the talk of politicians insisting that we as parents must own up and speak with our kids, and for your information it is already happening but it's not yielding any positive results so what next.and I can assume that those of us with a girl child we are talking to them, wether we do it smart or hard it doesn't help and the boy child parents I assume they keep quiet and boasting that their boys are proving their manhood, they will not be financially strained and the government will put petrol on fire by offering Sassa grants.the government is taking advantage of us the poor by using our kids are production factories for future voters to the Anc.
While our kids are roaming the streets and go to tiphentini/dziphentini, the politicians kids are studying and sove overseas, they will be future leaders.
And whenever the politicians opened their mouth, "Talk to your kids" until when.

The government must stop destroying our kid's future, how can kid's be allowed to buy liquor, and worse still in front of the police, there is this mall which is always invaded by kids on weekends or holidays, you go there the next day the park is heavilly infested with empty beer and cyder bottles and cans, this is democracy in action.IT PAINS!!!!!