Matome Andrias Madilindi from Madombidzha Zone 1 photographed at the University of KwaZulu-Natal last month when he graduated with his PhD in genetics. Photo supplied.

Young agricultural scientist passionate about research


At the age of 30, Matome Andrias Madilindi from Madombidzha Zone 1, outside Louis Trichardt, achieved a remarkable milestone by obtaining his PhD in Genetics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Madilindi, who graduated on September 21, is currently affiliated with the research unit of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC).

His educational journey began after he matriculated from Maluta Secondary School in 2010. “I enrolled at the University of Venda, where I earned a bachelor of science in agriculture and a master of science degree in agriculture, specialising in animal science. I always dreamt of one day earning a doctorate degree. I distinctly remember introducing myself as ‘Dr M.A. Madilindi’ in my second-year agricultural economics class during my undergraduate studies. From that day on, I wrote my name as ‘Dr M.A. Madilindi’ in all my books, and my lecturers and fellow students began to address me as Doctor. I am thrilled that my dream has finally come true, thanks to hard work and the grace of God,” he shared.

Madilindi expressed his gratitude to the Professional Development Programme (PDP) of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), which provided him with the opportunity to undergo training, elevating him from a masters to a doctoral level under the mentorship and supervision of Prof. Cuthbert Banga. His thesis is titled “Genetic Prediction of Feed Efficiency in South African Holstein Cattle”.

“It is an intriguing subject, focused on developing genetic solutions for breeding naturally feed-efficient dairy cows, resulting in increased profitability and environmental friendliness. We are thankful to Limpopo Dairies for allowing us to conduct experiments at their farm, which is located a few kilometres from my home, free of charge. The research outputs from my PhD project have received two prestigious awards and I have presented and published them in South Africa, Botswana, and the Netherlands,” he added.

When asked about his plans for the future, he stated, “I am passionate about research, so I will continue as a postdoctoral researcher at the ARC. I will forever be humbled and grateful for the opportunity to put my village on the map. At my age, I believe that my academic achievements will serve as an inspiration for many young people to follow a similar path,” he concluded.


News - Date: 29 October 2023

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