The new headman of Mukununde village, Vhamusanda Vho Rofhiwa Azwidohwi Mukununde (middle) captured with Thovhele Vho Hanyani Tshikundamalema (left) and Musina Mayor Godfrey Mawela during the inauguration ceremony last Saturday.

Peaceful transfer of leadership at Hamukununde


Vhavenda Vho Mmbengeni Shadrack Muanalo was hailed as a true example of transparent leadership when he peacefully and willingly surrendered the throne to the newly appointed leader of the Hamukununde community, Vhamusanda Vho Rofhiwa Azwidohwi Mukununde, on Saturday, 11 November.

Muanalo, who was regent in the village, said he had known from the start that the position was not his, and that he had no need to deny the rightful heir his throne. “We have seen many regents refusing to vacate the throne when the time for the rightful heir to take over comes. These conflicts have caused many confusions within the royal houses, and some have even lost their lives in the fight for chieftainship. The throne does not belong to me and, as an elder of the royal house, I support our new, rightful traditional leader,” he said during the inauguration of the new headman.

The ceremony took place at Musanda Hamukununde. Dakalo Lumange and Lufuno Mukununde were announced as ndumi and khadzi respectively.

Musanda Vho Azwidohwi succeeds his late father, Mutahabvu Vho Thivhilaeli Humbulani Gilbert Mukununde, who passed away at the age of 73 on 25 March 2021. Since then, Vhavenda Vho Muanalo had been leading the village as a regent until Vhamusanda Vho Mukununde’s inauguration on Saturday, which was conducted by senior traditional leader Thovhele Vho Hanyani Tshikundamalema.

“I have the pleasure of presenting you with your new traditional leader, whom you should respect and cooperate with. He will be my eyes and ears as I will not be able to visit all villages under my authority to monitor development. Anyone who fails to respect the new traditional leader does not respect me,” said Thovhele Vho Tshikundamalema.

He urged the new traditional leader to work with the local municipality, government departments and community stakeholders to bring development to his village.

Well-wishers included Mr Mbulaheni Mamidze from CoGHSTA, Musina Mayor Godfrey Mawela, and Lufuno Madavha from the Mukununde Civic Association.


News - Date: 19 November 2023

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