The late Phathu Mmbubana. Photo supplied.

Many questions as man shoot himself in the head


Many unanswered questions still surround the death of a security officer. The man, identified as Mr Phathutshedzo Mmbibana (36), who previously resided in Itsani but had recently moved to Dzwerani Mvelaphanda in the Vuwani area, allegedly took his own life by shooting himself in the head.

The tragic incident happened along the main Dzwerani-Mvelaphanda road on Sunday, 10 March at about 01:30. Information filtering in suggests that the 36-year-old security officer, who worked for a well-known local security company, had begun behaving strangely the day before.

Those close to him confirmed that he had told them his life was in danger and that he might be killed at any time. Before taking his life, he also sent a WhatsApp suicide note to his wife, telling her he had many problems. His death has since left many in shock and with many unanswered questions.

The fact that he had two bullet wounds to the head first cast suspicion that he might have been murdered, but the theory was squashed by those who were close to him. A close associate of the late security officer, who wished to remain anonymous, confided in Limpopo Mirror that he had shared his problems and fears for his life.

“We stayed together here at Itsani, and he moved to his new home at Mvelaphanda only two or three months ago. I am shocked, as I never thought he would take this route as a way out of his problems. I am so saddened,” said the close confidante.

Warrant Officer Vuledzani Dathi confirmed the incident, saying an inquest case docket had been opened, and investigations were ongoing. He said the police who were on duty had received a telephone call alerting them to the scene.

“On arrival at the scene, they found the body of a man lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. He was shot twice in the head, and a cocked black pistol was found next to him. Members of the EMS personnel were summoned, and they certified him dead at the scene,” he said.

Dathi further stated that preliminary investigations had revealed that the deceased’s wife had indicated that she had received a WhatsApp farewell message from the deceased before his death.


News - Date: 15 March 2024

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