Julia Miyeni is fed-up with the Vhembe District Municipality, who seems to be unable to solve her sewage problem of more than five years. Photo supplied.

Elim family fed-up with VDM's inability to fix sewer


A resident of Elim Mingati, Ms Julia Miyeni, is now fed up with complaining about a blocked sewer that is causing her home to flood. Whenever the family steps into the kitchen to cook a meal, they have to tiptoe on a slippery floor filled with faeces. The family members have not been able to enjoy their food because of the smell.

“Everywhere in the yard there is sewage. We miss the fresh air. Our doors and windows are always closed,” she said. She also complained about the flies that are all over the place. Visitors are too scared to drop by, fearing disease.

Miyeni said that she had reported the matter to the municipality on several occasions, without any success. She also sent a letter to the municipality, complaining about the blocked sewer. “The municipality keeps fixing it, but one week later, it bursts again. I tried talking to the councillor to fix this mess, but nothing works. We have to spread blankets in front of the kitchen door and the zinc outside the door to prevent the sewage from coming into the rest of the house. Our furniture is ruined. I’ve had to replace my kitchen cupboard and the wardrobe. My house has become a complete health hazard, with faeces and toilet paper floating all over. I need a solution immediately because I cannot live like this anymore,” she said.

The Vhembe District Municipality’s spokesperson, Mr Matodzi Ralushai, confirmed that the family had been complaining about the blocked sewer. “If the facts are correct and the matter was reported for years, it is shocking that people have to live under such conditions.” He said that the municipality was aware of the sewage challenge reported by the complainant, and she was instructed to remove the cement she had put on top of the manhole. “A team will urgently attend to the matter and ensure a lasting solution,” Ralushai said. “We will get to the bottom of the problem and hope it will be dealt with once and for all,” he added.


News - Date: 13 April 2024

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