Tendani Phunyuku of the Gladness Athletics Club is inviting everyone to take part in this year’s virtual sporting challenge. Photo supplied.

Tendani's virtual fitness challenge helps everybody to stay fit

Sport - Date: 02 December 2023


Tendani Phunyuku, a resident from Nzhelele, has come up with a very exciting concept to promote health and fitness, called #TendiChasingChallenge – a virtual sporting event where people from around the world can participate in different sporting codes in their respective provinces.

Phunyuku is the founder and president of the Gladness Athletics Club, which is the host club. The challenge started in 2020 as the #TendiChasing21Challenge. In 2021, it was called the #TendiChasing22Challenge, and in 2022 it was called the #TendiChasing23Challenge.

This year’s event, called the #TendiChasing24Challenge, commenced on 9 September and concludes on 9 December. “In this exciting sporting challenge, people from around the world can participate, regardless of their location. All they have to do is upload their exercise videos along with the word ‘#TendiChasing24Challenge’. The challenge is aimed at promoting health and fitness across the world. The #TendiChasing24Challenge has gained popularity, not only in South Africa, but also in other countries such as the Netherlands, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Mozambique. Hopefully, we will conquer the whole world in no time,” Phunyuku said.

Participants can enter in various sporting activities, including 24km running or 24-minute running, 24km walking or 24-minute walking, 24km hiking or 24-minute hiking, 24km cycling or 24-minute cycling, a 24-minute aerobic exercise, a 24-minute cardio workout, a 24-minute pad workout, or 24-minute shadow boxing. “Ours is about our health and fitness and we encourage all to take part in this initiative," said Phunyuku.

For more information about the challenge, contact Phunyuku on 081 785 2315.


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