Soccer with Kaizer

- Date: 12 November 2016

Written by: Kaizer Nengovhela / Viewed: 18348

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Teams which participate under the auspices of Safa Vhembe will play their Total Cup matches at different venues this coming Sunday (13 November).

Kaizer Nengovhela, a well-known journalist and correspondent for the Limpopo Mirror interviewed the different teams from the Stream E of the competition. Have a look and see for yourself what they had to say about their strategy for Sunday’s matches.

The first interview saw the coaches of Makhitha up the Broom and Maebane Young Eagles talking with Kaizer.

Next up was the coaches for Makhitha Oscar Stars and Muraleni United Brothers.

Leaving the best for last was the two coaches for Tshiozwi Dynamos and Mpheni Home Defenders. 








by: Kaizer Nengovhela